Monday, April 22, 2013

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Welcome to my post for SHOW YOUR SUPPORT KINDLE GIVEAWAY! Thank you for supporting these Authors and Bloggers.I would also like to thank you for visiting and following my blog. I hope you enjoy this post.I am use to posting reviews,spotlights,and giveaways.I asked our the lovely Lady behind this giveaway what I should post and she said "Tell us about your wonderfulness". I will try,lol. I remembered a post I once had on my notes on facebook name "30 Random Things About Me and decided it would be a great way to let you know a little more about me. :)

1~ I LOVE chocolate
2~My favorite color is purple
3~I am 4ft 8in
4~I weighed 1lb 12oz @ birth and dropped to under a 1lb while still in the hospital
5~My mom did not hold me till i was 3 1/2 months old due to me having to be transferred to N.O. hospital because the hospital I was born in did not have the means nor the knowledge to take care of me.
6~The hospital I was born in and the movie theater that was my first job no longer exist
7~I have an identical twin sister who is 6 inches taller than me
8~I was held back in 3rd grade because I read lower that my grade level due to having a birthmark under my left eye til i was 3,then it went away but it left me legally blind in my left eye.
9~I choked on a checker when i was a toddler and my grandmother had to keep her finger in my throat  to keep moving the checker so I could breathe til we got to the hospital
10~I grew up in church but strayed away from God til march 2003,which the date i consider to be my spiritual birthday
11~I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in fall of 2002
12~I got married in 1996,had my daughter in 1997,had my son in 2000,and got divorced in 2002.
13~My favorite genres are YA: Paronormal Romance,Dystopian,Fantasy,NA: Realistic Fiction,Paranormal Romance.Adult:Christian Fiction
14~I have met the most awesomeness people and authors in the past year who feel more like my family than friends,there are some days I couldn't get through without them
15~I trust very few people because sometimes i can be paranoid about people being out to get me,if you are what I consider one of my close/best friend,then I trust you and u know more about me than anyone else
16~I lived in Catahoula,La ( a small town, if you can call it that,on the levee,full of Cajun culture) til i was 5 yrs old
17~My favorite book of the Bible is Esther which would explain why my favorite movie is One Night With the King
18~My favorite animals are dolphins,fish,butterflies,white tigers,and kola 
20~My dream is to preach God's Word globally to hurting women and children
21~I have NO wisdom teeth,Never have had them!
22~I am the first in my immediate family to have a college degree
23~I am slightly OCD ,i check the locks on the doors multiple times,i rinse my utensils and dishes before i use them,even @ other people's houses,I can't stand books being out of order or in wrong place at the bookstore or library
24~I am a picky person and sometimes i can't tell u what i am looking for until i find it but i do know what i don't want
25~I am not photogenic
26~I wish they would bring back skidz pants and YAGA shirts
27~Wish it was still the 80's
28~Though I am educated,when I am texting or chatting I perfer to write in southern slang (ex.: kinda,gotta,fixin,) and short hand (ex.: ur,c,bc)
29~ I love sausage and chicken gumbo with potato salad
30~ I hate celery so if i every eat anything u cook that has it in it,be sure not to tell me and not to let me see it  because even if i cant taste it i wont eat just knowing it is in there

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