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Blog Tour :Mara Rutherford’s KINGDOM OF SEA AND STONE



By Mara Rutherford

On Sale: October 6, 2020 


Teen & Young Adult; Epic Fantasy; Siblings Fiction 

978-1335146519; 1335146512

$18.99 USD

368 pages

About the Book

"A fabulous interweaving of fantasy, politics, and sisterhood – this unusual, tense tale will have you on the edge of your seat!" –#1 New York Times bestselling author Tamora Pierce on Crown of Coral and Pearl

The Cruel Prince meets Ash Princess in this thrilling fantasy, the much-anticipated sequel to Crown of Coral and Pearl.

Ever since Nor was forced to go to a nearby kingdom in her sister's place, she's wanted nothing more than to return to the place and people she loves. But when her wish comes true, she soon finds herself cast out from both worlds, with a war on the horizon.

As an old enemy resurfaces more powerful than ever, Nor will have to keep the kingdom from falling apart with the help of Prince Talin and Nor's twin sister, Zadie. There are forces within the world more mysterious than any of them ever guessed—and they'll need to stay alive long enough to conquer them...

About the author

Mara Rutherford began her writing career as a journalist but quickly discovered she far preferred fantasy to reality. Originally from California, Mara has since lived all over the world with her marine-turned-diplomat husband. A triplet born on Leap Day, Mara holds a master's degree in cultural studies from the University of London. When she's not writing or chasing after her two sons, she can usually be found pushing the boundaries of her comfort zone, whether at a traditional Russian banya or an Incan archaeological site. Mara is a former Pitch Wars mentee and three-time mentor

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Excerpted from Kingdom of Sea and Stone by Mara Rutherford © 2020 by Mara Rutherford, used with permission by Inkyard Press. 

 On the day Zadie and I turned thirteen, Father surprised us with a trip to the floating market—our first glimpse of the world beyond Varenia.

I spent the journey perched on the bow of our family’s boat, welcoming the cold ocean spray on my face and the wind in my tightly plaited hair. Zadie sat between Mother and Father, her knuckles white on the edge of the bench, her golden-brown eyes wide with anticipation.

As we approached, I eagerly took in the sight of the intricately carved wooden boats, with their colorful wares and raucous merchants. While Father traded our precious Varnian pearls for drinking water and food, Mother made Zadie and me sit next to each other near the front of the boat where everyone could see us. She had shown us off to every villager in Varenia a hundred times, but today an entirely new audience was at her disposal.

Men and women smiled at us as we floated past, likely because identical twins were a novelty.

“Lovely girls,” one of the merchants said, and I watched as Mother swelled with pride like a pufferfish.

She thanked him and urged us to do the same. But just as I started to speak, the man craned his neck to get a look at the right side of my face.

“Pity about the scar, though.”

I could feel Mother wilt behind me like a seaf lower left out in the sun.

Zadie, embarrassed, settled into the bottom of the boat where no one could stare at us, but I stayed where I was, watching as Father looked over a basket. I was used to these kinds of comments by now, but it felt as though Mother would never accept that one of her daughters was a damaged good, just like the basket Father handed back to the merchant, gesturing to a hole in the  bottom.


I turned to see a young man—the son of the trader, presumably—motioning for Zadie and me to come closer.

Zadie eyed him suspiciously. Mother had warned us that Ilarean boys were beneath our notice. We were the most beautiful women in the world, after all; that was why we were considered worthy of marrying royalty.

But with my scar, I wasn’t going to marry royalty, and I was curious to see what the boy wanted. I scooted to the edge of the boat. He looked like any boy in Varenia, though his clothing was finer and his hands were as smooth as Zadie’s.

He glanced around to make sure no one was watching, then handed me a small glass bottle. “For you,” he said.

I held it aloft for a better look. The contents were disappointing: sand, salt water, and a tiny yellow shell. All things I could find in Varenia, I thought glumly. But it was the only gift I’d ever received from a boy, and I politely thanked him.

When we returned home with our food and fresh  water, I placed the bottle on a shelf.

“What’s this?” Mother asked, immediately recognizing that there was a foreign object cluttering her kitchen.

“It’s a wandering crab,” Father replied, reaching into the bottle. For the first time, I noticed the tiny legs poking out from the shell. “They usually live closer to shore, but I’ve seen a few in my time. They find a discarded shell and make it their home, and when that one grows too small, they choose another, larger shell and move in.”

I held out my hand, fascinated. Father passed the crab to me and it scuttled across my palm, tickling my skin. “It carries its home on its back?”

“That’s right.” Father gently took the crab from me before it could plummet to the floor. “It has everything it needs, right here.”

I smiled, pleased with the idea of such an untethered, independent existence. “It can go anywhere it wants to.” I glanced around our little house, which already felt too small for my imagination, and sighed wistfully. “Lucky.”

“Nonsense.” Mother plucked the crab deftly from Father’s hand. Without ceremony, she f lung it over the balcony, where it immediately sank below the surface of the water.

She ignored my startled cry. “You have everything you need right here in Varenia. Do you think they’d actually accept you out there, with your…” She trailed off, gesturing vaguely to my cheek. “Now hurry up and help me. This food isn’t going to put itself away.”

For a moment I thought Father might protest, but he simply retreated to the boat. Zadie frowned sympathetically.

I watched the spot where the crab had disappeared, knowing it was probably well on its way to somewhere new. It was only a crab, yet already it had seen more of the world than I ever would. I wondered if that was why the young man had given it to me, more of a cruel joke than a gift.

“Lucky,” I whispered again, thinking not just of the crab but also the trader, his son, the ocean, and everything that had more freedom than a girl born in Varenia. Then I did as I was told.

Chasing Wind by Kaira Karmakar Blitz


Chasing Wind
Kaira Karmakar
Publication date: September 17th, 2020
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult

A touching story set in India, Chasing Wind is a tale of two girls breaking barriers of class, distance, and time to forge an unforgettable friendship.
When twelve-year-old Siya travels from New Delhi to a small mountain village, she expects a relaxing summer vacation with her grandmother. A girl from the mountains quickly changes her plans for a lazy holiday. Pari is everything Siya isn’t: loud, carefree, and adventurous. She climbs over walls and rolls down hills without a second thought.
They come from different worlds. Siya’s city family has a housekeeper, a cook, and a driver; Pari’s dad cooks for Siya’s grandmother. As the girls share adventures in the forest and village, their worlds quickly intertwine. But all too soon, their time together ends, and Siya returns to the city. They never forget each other and keep in touch through letters—until their friendship is tested by a tragedy neither of them expects.

Goodreads / Amazon



Summer of 2012

The fiery sun casts its warm rays across the bustling city, and it feels hotter than the inside of a stove. The dryness in the air stills the trees that usually sway along with the cheery wind. The marigolds, no longer nourished and appealing, have crisp petals the color of umber. It hasn’t rained for days, and now the parched leaves are covered in layers of dense dust and thin cobwebs. I can hear the sharp noises of rustling leaves and wheels skidding on the road echo in the bedroom. I’m relaxing on Mom and Dad’s comfy bed, right under the gushing air vent, watching my favorite TV program when Mom comes marching into the room.

“Siya, do you know where my wallet is?” she channels her dark eyes on me. Her shiny black hair reaches below her shoulders, bouncing as she trots around the bed. After looking under the pile of house-decor magazines on her table, her eyes are drawn back to me as she impatiently waits for a response.

“No,” I say, tilting my head back to the large TV screen.

“I kept it on the bed around an hour ago before you started watching TV,” she says, placing her hands on her hips, “right on top of the blanket.

Are you sure you haven’t seen it?” I shake my head.

“Yes, I’m sure. I don’t know where it is.”

“The pizza delivery man is standing outside our house, and I really need to pay him, or he might just leave.”

My friend Lila is coming over for lunch, so Mom ordered pizza for us to eat.

“I really don’t know where your wallet is. It wasn’t on your bed when I sat entered the room.”

Mom lifts up the fluffy blanket beside me and sighs after she pulls out her wallet from under the blanket.

“There it is,” I say, watching Mom’s face turn into a slight frown as she furrows her eyebrows. She presses her lips together.

“Lila’s mom said that Lila will be here in half an hour. Remember to get dressed on time.”

“Okay,” I mutter, so that Mom will stop troubling me.

“And turn off the TV in five minutes. You’ve already watched a lot of TV today.” She walks out of the room, leaving the door a little open even though she knows it annoys me. I’m in the middle of the best scene in the episode, and I cannot let anyone ruin it for me.

Author Bio:

Kaira Karmakar is a high school student. She developed a passion for writing as a young child and has been crafting stories about her own life and the characters in her imagination ever since. When she is not writing or reading, Kaira enjoys painting, sketching, and playing the piano.

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Review of The Confectioner's Coup


    Audiobook Review:

    The Confectioner's Coup

    Confectioner Chronicles, Book 2

    By: Claire Luana @claireluana

    Narrated by: Kelsey Navarro @kelseydn

I'm enthralled with this story! Romance, betrayal,heartache, mystery, adventure, and a masterful world building! The first book there are threats from an outside Kingdom but they are not the centerpiece until book two when they become entwine with our characters and their fight for their kingdom and freedom from a tyrant king. The power struggle for this Kingdom is twofold, from within and without, bringing a whole new level to the plot!

Out of the frying pan, into the fire...

Wren thought things were bad when her boyfriend's father tried to frame her for murder. But that was before a hostile army showed up at the city gates, ready to swallow Maradis whole. And before guild members began disappearing one by one - including the Confectioner's Guild's newest Gifted recruit.

Wren, suspecting the king is to blame for the disappearances, undertakes a dangerous investigation that sets her on a collision course with old and new enemies alike. Will she be able to find the missing guild members before tensions boil over into outright rebellion? Or are the guilds willing to go further than she ever realized to rid themselves of the king's tyranny...

Don't miss this thrilling second book in the Confectioner Chronicles!

The Confectioner's Exile is a young adult fantasy mystery perfect for fans of Maria Snyder, Erika Johansen, and Gail Carriger.

Don't miss the entire Confectioner Chronicles!

The Confectioner's Guild

The Confectioner's Exile

The Confectioner's Coup

The Confectioner's Truth

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Release Day Blitz: Scandalous Prince by Rachel Van Dyken

"Stop what you're doing and read Scandalous Prince by Rachel Van Dyken RIGHT NOW! It's action packed with plenty of secrets and full of smoldering romance! If you love mafia romance, you will LOVE this book!" - New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy

Scandalous Prince by Rachel Van Dyken is now live!

A mafia romance about secrets and soulmates by Rachel Van Dyken, the number one New York Times bestselling author of the Eagle Elite series.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go, before I sleep. --Robert Frost

I was born under fire and swore to protect her until my dying day, I just never knew that one day, I'd be the very monster I was protecting her from.

She didn't know it was me.

She didn't know that I had no choice and would do it again and again to save her.

I may as well have given her the mark on her finger.

The one that shows where her loyalty must lie.

Because we don't sin in silence.

And eventually, you have to pay up what you owe.

My need to protect her turned into a lie to save her.

And when she found out--I turned in to the very monster I was trying to protect her from.

Watching Violet Abandonato walk out of my life was like a knife to the chest, a wound that refused to heal.

The bosses sent me to protect her, to watch over her even though I was the demon she fled.

We both carry scars.

But if all I can have is her hate for as long as I breathe.

I'll take it.

Because at the end of the day, I should burn in Hell forever thinking Chase Abandonato's perfect angel would pick me--over her perfect life.

"I broke you," I confessed.

"The worst part... is that you liked it," she snapped right back.

Welcome to the second generation of the mafia, may the best man or woman, be left standing.

May God bless our tainted souls.


I didn't think I could have fell deeper in love with this series than I already was,however in her genius story telling of the mafia,Rachel draws me that much deeper with every book! The drama, angst, romance, heartache, loyalty and all things mafia dives into my soul and puts me on a rollercoaster ride that I want to get off of! It left me with a enormous book hang over where I just wanted to live and breathe this story that gripped my mind for days afterwards!

  Download today on all platforms!


Amazon Worldwide:





Meet Rachel

Rachel Van Dyken is the #1 New York Times Bestselling, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of over 90 books ranging from contemporary romance to paranormal. With over four million copies sold, she's been featured in Forbes, US Weekly, and USA Today. Her books have been translated in more than 15 countries. She was one of the first romance authors to have a Kindle in Motion book through Amazon publishing and continues to strive to be on the cutting edge of the reader experience. She keeps her home in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, adorable son, naked cat, and two dogs. For more information about her books and upcoming events, visit

Connect with Rachel








Rachel's Rockin' Readers:




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Book Lovers Unite for World Suicide Prevention Day 2020

 September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day. Authors, readers, and bloggers are uniting again his year to fight stigma, spread mental health awareness, and support the prevention of suicide. To encourage participation, we're giving away a $50 Amazon gift card and a Book Lovers Unite for World Suicide Prevention Day t-shirt to one lucky winner.

Two kinds of stigma continue to persist: public stigma and self-stigma. Public stigma occurs when other people view a person with a mental illness in a negative way. Public stigma feeds into self-stigma when people with mental illness internalize the negative talk they hear from others.

Well-meaning people say things like, "Suck it up," "Choose to be happy," "Turn that frown upside down," or "Focus on your blessings," as if mental illness were a mood, a frame of mind, or an attitude that can simply be overcome at will.

Often, people who suffer from mental illness blame themselves instead of seeking help. Just as a diabetic needs insulin, a person with mental illness may need treatment.

People who contemplate suicide don't want to die; they just can't fathom how to live because they are so miserable. They can't see past their pain and misery, and they see no point in going on.

According to the International Association for Suicide Prevention, "Every year, suicide is among the top 20 leading causes of death globally for people of all ages. It is responsible for over 800,000 deaths, which equates to one suicide every 40 seconds."

IASP explains that "[e]very life lost represents someone’s partner, child, parent, friend or colleague. For each suicide approximately 135 people suffer intense grief or are otherwise affected. This amounts to 108 million people per year who are profoundly impacted by suicidal behaviour. Suicidal behaviour includes suicide, and also encompases suicidal ideation and suicide attempts. For every suicide, 25 people make a suicide attempt and many more have serious thoughts of suicide."

If you're contemplating suicide, please don't do it! Instead, seek help. You might be suffering now, but you never know what tomorrow brings. Reach out to a friend or family member. See a doctor. If that doctor doesn't help, try another. Please don't give up.

If you're in crisis, please reach out to the toll-free hotline in your region. You can find your hotline here:

If you are grieving the death of a victim of suicide and need help, here are resources that can help:

If you suspect that someone you know may be contemplating suicide, please reach out. We often hesitate because we're afraid we might make things worse by saying the wrong thing. According to IASP, "Evidence suggests that this is not the case. The offer of support and a listening ear are more likely to reduce distress, as opposed to exacerbating it."

Warning signs to look for include severe anxiety, agitation, hopelessness, rage, feelings of being trapped, a strong urge for vengeance, engaging in risky activities, excessive alcohol and/or drug use, withdrawing from people, trouble sleeping, and dramatic mood changes.


Click to Tweet: Mental illness isn't a personality flaw; it's an illness that comes on through no fault of the individual who suffers with it. Mental illness is treatable and suicide is preventable. #WSPD

My Story:

I dealt with depression and anxiety since middle school and had several suicidal attempts before graduating high school. My parents never adressed my emotional issues so I relied on counseling at school. However, when I was 19 after realizing I was in a downward spiral, I checked myself into a impatient psychiatric clinic. That was the first time I heard bipolar. I was given medication that helped the depression but increased my mania, which lead to some unwise choices. The ups and downs, another attempt and phychiatric clinic stay continued through my 20s and it wasn't until my late 20s,early 30s that my anxiety was addressed which finally helped with the irritation and outbursts of anger during stressful situations. I struggled with finding the right antidepressant for years and finally found one that worked relatively well until a year ago when I developed serotonin syndrome which means any antidepressants we tried caused me migraines. I'm a single mom to two now adult children, which one is still at home, suffer from chronic illnesses and am no longer able to work. I'm trying to manage my moods with other things besides meditation for my depression but with family, illnesses, and life in 2020 it isn't easy and I had found some purpose in being there to help my daughter with my granddaughter even though that sometimes put a strain on me, but since they won't be living near me much longer and my son will be leaving for months for military training I plan on focusing on myself as much as I can and work on inner healing, spiritual growth and wellness journey through healthy eating and exercise that I think will also help with my mood.


Book lovers from all over the world have joined together to share their stories and spread mental health awareness. Please follow this tour guide to find our posts and to enter our giveaway for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card and a Book Lovers Unite for World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 t-shirt:


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Here Is What I Read Blog

Crossroad Reviews

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I Love Books and Stuff Blog

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Kat's Indie Book Blog

Day Leitao, Author

Steph Weston, Author

Lanie Bynum, Author

L.B. Carter, Author

Holly and Mistletoe

Eva Pohler, Author



From September 1-10, enter for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card and a Book Lovers Unite for World Suicide Prevention Day t-shirt. There are lots of ways to enter below--choose one or all. You can also tweet daily for extra entries. We'll email the winner by September 11th.

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Butterfly Broken Tour



Beautiful By Leigh Hatchmann


Beautiful tour banner

This is my stop during the bookstagram blitz for Beautiful by Leigh Hatchmann. This new standalone fantasy romance book is a sweet and dark modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast. An unforgettable tale that will make you question everything you think you know about beauty . . . and the beast.

This bookstagram blitz is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. This bookstagram blitz runs from 27 August till 2 September. See the tour schedule here.

Don’t miss the tour wide giveaway! 3 winners will each win a $10 Amazon gift card. You can enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post.

By Leigh Hatchmann
Genre: Fantasy Romance/ Fairytale Retelling
Age category: Adult
Release Date: 27 August, 2020

You think you know their story . . .

Bella-Rosa Amato
My life is the envy of women everywhere. I live in a gorgeous mansion, wear expensive clothes, go to A-list parties, and attend a prestigious college.
It is a life of beauty and glamor . . . and all of it is a lie.
Behind closed doors, I am bullied by my cold and powerful father. With no money of my own, I have no choice but to obey him . . .
Until I am attacked, and a half man-half beast intervenes. Kit takes me to his home to heal, where I am immersed in his secret world. As we bond over unexpected experiences and shared interests, my gratitude changes into something that feels as old as time.

I was created for the darkness and, for a while, it controlled me. But I escaped that life and made a new home for myself.
Before Bella crossed my path, I didn’t think happiness was possible. But she not only accepts my differences, she offers friendship.
Her gentle and compassionate heart opens me up to those parts within me.
With her, I don’t feel like the beast I have always been labeled.
But the closer we get, the more I wonder if I am truly as human as she believes, and whether the mistakes of the beast can ever be forgiven . . .

When an old enemy resurfaces, Bella and Kit will need to stand firm in their love, face the brutalities of the past, and trust in the beauty that comes from within to make it out alive.

BEAUTIFUL is a sweet and dark, modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The themes of beauty, strength, redemption, and love shine through in an unforgettable tale that will make you question everything you think you know about beauty . . . and the beast.

You can find Beautiful on Goodreads

You can buy Beautiful here:
- Amazon US
- Amazon UK
- Amazon Australia
- Amazon Canada

Leigh HatchmannAbout the Author:
Leigh Hatchmann is a best-selling non-fiction author, international-selling romance author, identical triplet, writing coach, editor, and hot chocolate addict. She uses her postgraduate degree in counseling to create believable, three-dimensional characters. Her certificates in forensic science and forensic anthropology help her to create realistic crime elements in her stories. She is currently completing her master's degree in writing and has also finished postgraduate study in editing. When not writing, reading, coaching, studying, or enjoying nature, she can be found having fun with her three gorgeous children (plus one laid back dog and one grumpy cat). She is active on social media and encourages readers to interact with her there. She also writes fiction under the pseudonym A.K. Leigh and non-fiction as Alicia Leigh.

*Fall in love . . . with Leigh!*

You can find and contact Leigh Hatchmann here:
- Website
- Blog
- Facebook
- Goodreads Leigh Hatchmann
- Goodreads A.K Leigh
- Instagram
- Bookbub
- Youtube

There is a tour wide giveaway for the bookstagram blitz for Beautiful. Three winners will each win a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

You can enter the giveaway here.Or enter using the rafflecopter below:
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