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EUPHORIA SERIES By Lainy Lane Blog Tour: Review and Excerpt


 Life is a fragile thing, not only in the mortal sense. It’s like a big glass ball waiting above your head, and sometimes one simple thing can send the glass crashing down around you into a million tiny pieces. All you can do when this happens is stand by and watch as the pieces of your life fall, shatter, and settle around you. You have two choices: You can try and piece them back together one by one. Or you can start all over and try to build a new one. Hopefully a better one. Somewhere in between those two options is where you find the person you’re actually meant to be. The person that’s somehow strong enough to take destiny face on, no matter how impossible that may seem. Calandra thought she lived a normal enough life. She fought constantly with her dad, like any other teenage girl. She had a boyfriend that she knew was it for her. School was coming to an end, and she was going to have all summer to spend with Tristan, while her father was out of town. it doesn't get much better than that. But when a stranger comes to her in a dream, life takes an unexpected turn. Calandra is thrown into a whirlwind where she discovers the heritage her father has been hiding from her for years, learns of a whole new world, and finds that destiny doesn't always hand you the life you dreamed of. Now, the question is- can she handle it all? Will she accept what she's meant to be? In the first installment, Field of Innocence shows us that not all Faerie tales start with once upon a time or end with happily ever after. Sometimes Destiny is far too dark to give us a normal faerie tale!

Tagline: The field is set The lines are drawn. Which side is right Or are any wrong?

 Field Excerpt:
“Think back to a few years ago, when you were younger, before the weight of the world and reality hindered your judgment. All humans believe in everything when they are younger and somewhere along the way, they allow something to change them. They allow life to make them harsh and prevent them from believing that certain things can exist because they are too beautiful. If you still had that mentality now, that innocence, that beauty in your beliefs, how would you feel knowing what you know now?” Calandra tries to imagine herself as a few years younger walking through her sanctuary and coming across Jarreth. She thinks of how she might have reacted to hearing the story about her mother and Echo and Faerie. She tries to think of feeling this amount of power and emotions and pressure at that age and suddenly a grimace crosses her face. “You see the issue now dear?” Calandra nods slightly and stares directly at Jarreth. “I think so.” “If you had that innocence still, you would believe without doubt, and you would know to let your instincts take over to make your decisions. You would allow yourself to feel what your heart wants you to feel right now. But at the same time, it would be way too much for you to handle. You have to find a middle ground, love. Something between having the ability to allow yourself to believe and feel what you know you should.” Jarreth places his hand on her chest. “Don’t be afraid to let it break you down, Cal. If it does then it does, and you know what you do then?” His eyes seem to glitter as he stares at her. “No.” The word is barely audible as it leaves her mouth. “You rise again. You take the ashes that remain and you become a Phoenix, you start over. And I’d be willing to bet that the outcome would be extraordinary. In fact, I know it would be.”


I love the fantasy world Lainy Lane has created. It sucked my in and kept my attention to the very end. Little by little Lainy Lane leads you into her fantasy world as Calandra walking into a new world and a new life. So what if everything you know about your life is a lie? And someone tells you you are destined to save no just one world but two worlds? Would you stay in the world you are familiar you with even though you know you were meant for something else or would you venture into a new world and embrace your destiny? These are questions Calandra must answer.
Calandra’s junior year of high school is coming to an end. She is looking forward to spending the summer without her overbearing father around while she spends every waking moment with the boy she loves. Tristan loves Calandra and stands by her side even when she tells him about her weird visions. Their love is pure and true but one event can change all that.
Calandra has always felt out of place but could never figure out why until she has a dream that eventually leads her to another world. Calandra is not who she thinks she is and when she finds out the truth her world comes crashing around her. As she learns the truth about herself, her family, and this new world piece by piece, she slowly changes into who she thinks she is destined to be. But at every new piece that is added to the puzzle she finds it harder to not fall apart. She draws strength from within which simultaneously strengthens her powers.
Not only is Tristan trying to hold on to the love he has with Calandra, there are two others boys completing for her love and attention. She must make a decision as to who she wants to be with and who will best help her fulfill her destiny. But she must be careful because there is deception everywhere and one wrong decision can spell disaster for both worlds.

 Equinoctial Sacrifice : A Euphoria Prequel

 What would you sacrifice for the life of your child? Hollyn is faced with this very question when she gives birth to Calandra alone in the woods at only 7 1/2 months. Hollyn suddenly finds her new daughter’s life hanging in the balance when Akiye, the faerie of the autumn equinox, offers her a lifeline in exchange for saving the life of her newborn daughter. Now Hollyn must leave everything behind, including Calandra, and return to Faerie to set things up to ensure her daughter can fulfill her destiny and fix the things in the world that her own family has been screwing up for generations now. Will Hollyn be able to ensure her daughter is the one to put a stop to the cycle, or will something else take all of her energy and use her up in the process? Destinies set into motion, wills are tested, and lives are changed forever in this prequel to the Euphoria series. 

Tagline: What would you sacrifice to save the world... and your child?

Equinoctial Sacrifice -
Field of Innocence (Euphoria Series)-
Amazon Author Page -

 Lainy Lane is a 27-year-old mother of 2 beautiful girls, one of which is now the family guardian angel. She has a wonderful husband that is a large part of the reason she is where she is today. She has always had an obsession with fantasy worlds. When she was younger, she always said that Peter Pan would be the perfect man because when things got rough, he could whisk you away to Neverland, where all your problems would simply disappear. As she grew up, she learned the harsh reality that life can be cruel, and no world (even fantasy ones) is completely without issues and that was when her love for writing really grew. She has always written in some form or fashion, starting out with poetry and song lyrics. She’s always had a story in her head and voices talking to her. Thanks to lots of motivation from her husband, a wonderful laptop with a word processor, more hours than she could ever count, lots of sweat, blood, and tears, and a wonderful woman with an awesome little publishing company believing in her, she has finally managed to watch her dreams become a reality.

Contact info: 
Website & Blog -
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STAGES OF GRACE By Carey Heywood Excerpt and Giveaway

 Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance...
 When facing death a mourning period is to be expected. But what if it's not a person but a relationship that dies? Grace and her boyfriend Jon have been together for three years. They live together and have shared many beautiful memories. Those memories are what keep Grace from admitting Jon has changed and is no longer the man she fell in love with.
 Afraid of being alone and holding on to something that no longer exists Grace is a shadow of her former self. Her daily objective is to hide her pain from the world. Then, an unexpected letter sets off a whirlwind of potential life changes. In life sometimes the hardest thing to do is let go.

Over indulgence of wine can result in sleeping in. Days when you must get on an airplane are stressful enough without feeling as though you are already behind. I wake up an hour later than I had planned. I rush to the dryer to retrieve my clothes and dump them on my bed before taking a shower. Once I’m dressed, I pack my clean clothes and go off in search of Kate. She’s in the kitchen looking as though she is also suffering from the effects of too much wine. I’m relieved to see a fresh pot of coffee. Ryan had brought some croissants the day before and Kate has baking chocolate in the fridge, so I whip up a few chocolate croissants for us in the microwave. They’re hot so while they cool I go off in search of some Advil to assist with the dull thud in my head. Kate is quiet over breakfast. I feel like it’s my fault for not agreeing to stay. It's weird not knowing what to say to make her feel better. I get up to clear the plates, and Kate stops me, putting her hand on my forearm. "Just know you still have family, Grace. I may be old, but we're all each other has left at this point. I want you to know that I love you and always will." I sink down to my knees next to her and allow Kate to pull me into a hug. We’re both crying, I suddenly feel overwhelmed by the idea that I’m not alone in the world. I had clung to Jon after my parents’ deaths because of this. I’m not certain why Kate is crying, maybe it has something to do with my mother, maybe it is just because she will miss me. When we separate, Kate grabs a napkin to wipe my tears. "Please know I've thought about staying."

Author Bio:
 Carey Heywood lives in Richmond Va with her husband, three children and nine pound attack Yorkie. Unabashedly silly, she spends her free time bonding with candy loving strangers on Twitter. Right now she is probably eating Swedish fish.

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Paperback Release Blitz : When Silver Moons Rise by KaSonndra Leigh

Title: When Silver Moons Rise (The Lost Immortals 2) 
Author: KaSonndra Leigh 
ebook release: January 20, 2013 
Paperback Release: April 21, 2013 
Genre: Young Adult 
Blitz Host: Lady Amber's Tours Book 
Facing an unstable future, Chela Prizeon leaves Castle Hayne and crosses over to enemy territory in pursuit of Faris--the boy of royal blood who is cursed by a bitter rival. But soon Chela learns that he has been taken deep into the treacherous frozen prisons--a majestic, but deadly place where people enter and are never seen again. To find the boy she loves, Chela must join forces with one of her greatest enemies. And even though she pulls strength from the good in her powers, she finds herself drawn to the dark side's temptation as well. 
 Narrated from both Chela's and Faris's point of view, this enchanting sequel to When Copper Suns Fall will take them on a voyage into unknown lands, where the dark, twisted, and revengeful wait to make this their most dangerous journey ever. 
 Please Note: This book contains mature content including profanity, drug/alcohol use, and sexual situations/language. 

Author Bio: 
I live in the City of Alchemy and Medicine, North Carolina. I write about people doing fantastical things in magical worlds. Sometimes they fall for each other and make sacrifices for their friends. Oh, and sometimes they love music and nature too. I live with my two sons,a guinea pig, a cat, and two dogs. Now that I have completed my MFA in creative writing, I find that I have a little extra time to play CLUE more often. I live in an L-shaped house dedicated to my grandmother. It has a secret library complete with fairies, venetian plastered walls, and a desk made out of clear blue glass. The Lost Immortals: When Copper Suns Fall is my debut novel. 
Leigh Facebook: 
 Buy Links for The Lost Immortals: 

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Publisher: Crescent Moon Press
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance Release
Date: January 23, 2012
Length: 236 pages
What if your life finally seemed to make sense? But, what if in an instant everything is taken away? How far would you go to get your life back? Seventeen year old Allie Anderson's telekinetic powers are anything but useful Shimmering with strong paranormal elements, a touch of mystery, magic, and a forbidden love story worth dying for, Other Side of Forever will leave you craving more. 
she can't bring her father back, can't stop her mother's downward spiral into alcohol, and can't keep her from falling in love with Ethan Bradley. Loving Ethan is easy, but it comes with a hefty price: Ethan is prohibited by his people from interacting with mortals because he isn't mortal himself. When Allie and Ethan's love is discovered, there's someone who will do anything to keep them apart. If Allie can't learn to control her powers and fight to save Ethan, this dark entity will make every attempt to stop her beating heart. And if that happens, not even the energy of an immortal can bring her back.


This or That: 
Book or eBook: Book
Steak or Seafood: Seafood 
Morning or Night Person: Night
Coke or Dr.Pepper: Coke
Drama or Horror Movie: Drama 
Country or City: Country
Pasta or Pizza: Pizza
Beach or Mountains: Beach
Rock or Rap Music: Rock
Tea or Coffee: Tea 

  About The Author: Born and raised in Delaware, Shannon Eckrich lives with her husband, two children, and chocolate lab, Chewy, along with her newest addition, Taylor, a spunky little kitty who loves to terrorize her while she’s writing. Shannon’s second love is the paranormal. Ghosts, angels, vampires, aliens, immortals, it doesn't matter, she’s obsessed with it all, which is why she’s compelled to write stories in the paranormal genre.

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Born in Flames Blog Tour

Book Info-
Title- Born in Flames
Series-Born in Flames Trilogy Book #1
By-Candace Knoebel
Publication Date-September 6, 2012

Red mirrored scales race up my arms as the haze of pain blurs my vision. My bones crack, breaking to realign. I scream. It is then that the realization of my unavoidable fate sinks in; I am of a dying race. I am dragon.

Aurora Megalos, orphaned and teetering on the edge of adulthood, thought finding her past would curb the sting of being an outcast. Having no memories of the time before she awoke on her foster mother’s doorstep, she yearns for the emptiness inside her to be filled. With her fellow orphaned best friend, Fenn, by her side, she has nothing to lose and everything to gain. But something powerful stirred within her that she couldn’t explain. Something wanted out.

In the dark of night, a crazed Seer, dubbed Mr.Creepy, erases everything she’s ever known with an impending prophecy. She now faces two paths. Return to her true home to protect a dying race against a growing evil, or stay hidden in the safety of our realm with a shot at a true love. With a vengeful Arch Enemy stopping at nothing to see her dead, she’s running out of time; a decision must be made. What would you choose?


Barnes & Noble-Nook:

About the Author-Candace Knoebel had dreamed of being a dancer ever since she could remember. With a love of all things art, she saw herself moving to New York and pursuing her passion as an artist. But all that changed on October 10th, 2002 when she met the love of her life. Her dreams diverged and after marrying her high school sweetheart and having two beautiful children, she realized she missed her creative side.

Growing up alongside the Harry Potter series, Candace found herself missing the epicosity of a story that pulls you in and won’t let you go. In 2009, she began dreaming up characters that would mold her first novel. Through lunch breaks and late nights, after putting her kids to bed, she built a world where she could escape the ever-pressing days of an eight to five Purgatory. She found her calling in life and knew this was more than dancing could’ve ever meant to her.

Once complete in 2010, she began the grueling process of finding a publisher. With relentless determination, she was finally able to realize her dream in December of 2011 when 48fourteen offered her a publishing contract. With a HUGE yes and a happy dance, she  continues her Trilogy.

Author Links-

Giveaway info-

3 ebook copies of Born in Flames by Candace Knoebel
3 signed bookmarks
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Facebook Event-

Beyond the Iron Gate Book Blast Giveaway

Enter below for you chance to win!

$25 Amazon Gift Card, Tote Bag, Rubber bracelets (2), Handmade beaded necklace and earrings set, Keychain, Autographed postcard and bookmark, Magnets, Series trading cards

Chat LIVE with Alicia Michaels
Saturday, April 27 at 2 pm ET
10:10 PM 4/23/2013
(use for easy access to the party)
Connect with the author: website  *  Twitter  *  Facebook 

In the year 1845, before the mystical land of Fallada was separated from the realm of men forever, the two worlds coexisted in harmony. Man could mingle freely in the world of the Elves and Faeries at will and peace reigned.

In the hills of Shropshire, England, just miles from the gate separating the village of Ludlow from the world of mystical creatures, farmer’s daughter Zara Wells longs for answers. It is not only the golden hair that trail feet behind her, or the strange hue of her violet eyes that separates her from the other girls her village. There is something inside of her, something touched by magic that longs to know more about what lies on the other side of the gate.

In Fallada, darkness has begun to spread. As the youngest and most beautiful girls of her village begin to disappear, Zara comes closer to discovering the true circumstances surrounding her birth. Little does she know, that the closer she comes to the answers she so desperately desires, the closer she will come to being ensnared in the dark queen’s web of growing treachery.

Buy the book at Amazon!

Ever since she first read books like Chronicles of Narnia or Goosebumps, Alicia has been a lover of mind-bending fiction. Wherever imagination takes her, she is more than happy to call that place her home. The mother of two and wife to an Army sergeant loves chocolate, coffee, and of course good books. When not writing, you can usually find her with her nose in a book, shopping for shoes and fabulous jewelry, or spending time with her loving family. 

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PAWN by Sophie Davis Boo Blast

Dreams and Nightmares,
Screams and Sighs,
Fate Wakes the Girl
And Says She Dies....

When the Boy Gets in the Way,
Then the Nightmares Come to Play...

For her eighteenth birthday, Endora Lee Andrews receives the gift of dreams.  Nighttime slumber brings her visions of the future, a preview of things to come.  Endora’s unsettling new ability is seemingly harmless, until her dreams turn to nightmares.
When she meets the mysterious and swoon-worthy Kannon, he knows things about her that he can’t possibly know, and seems to be the key to uncovering the source of her ominous prophecies.  But Kannon has many secrets, some the essential difference between life and death for Endora.
Can she discover the origins of her nightmares and how to prevent destiny, before the harbingers of death come for her?   
Woven with love, mystery and mythology, PAWN is the story of a girl who was once brought back from death, only to face it again.  Because Fate may give you a second chance at life, but that doesn’t mean it’s yours to keep.
Click Here to Watch the Book Trailer for Pawn on YouTube!

To celebrate the release of Pawn, we're giving away :
**Kindle eReader**$100 worth of giftcards**
**books** swag**a necklace**a charm bracelet**FUN**

-- Sophie Davis Twitter: @sophiedavisbook **************************************************************************** GoodReads Author Page and Blog: Talented:
Caged (Talented Saga #2):
Hunted (Talented Saga #3): 

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Choices is a Mature Young Adult contemporary romance, appropriate for audiences 17+.
 Fate brought her here, but will her choices destroy her dreams? 
 Quincy Priest made all the right choices in her small town, black-and-white life. But being perfect is tiring. So. Very. Tiring. 
 Wanting desperately to step out of her sister's shadow, Quincy jumps at the opportunity to attend college with her best friend. The quiet bookworm with family secrets comes out of her shell. But when Quincy meets not one, but two perfect guys, she has to make a choice. In doing so, she might forfeit the relationship she secretly longed to find.
 Declan. Sweet, handsome, and perfect. He makes her feel cherished for the first time in her life. 
 Brody. Sexy, hot, and irresistible. He could tear down her carefully built walls. 
 Before she can become the woman she wants to be, Quincy will make mistakes. And suffer one unimaginable loss.

 “I could stay here forever if you always looked at me just like that.” I don’t understand what he means, but I can’t take my eyes off him. “Everything.” His voice deepens while he looks into my eyes. “I like everything about you, Quince. I like the way those little wisps of hair frame your face. I love your eyes, so deep I get lost i...n them. Those lips I can’t resist. But I like you, Quince. The first time I saw you, I was drawn to you. I knew right then that you would turn my world upside down. It scared the hell out of me, but I knew I’d follow you anywhere.” He just made me feel beautiful, really beautiful, for the first time in my life. There are no words for that. Instead, I wrap my arms around his neck and roughly kiss him. I twist my fingers in his hair and wonder why I haven’t done that before. Besides his eyes, his hair is the sexiest thing about him. But it’s what he hides on the inside that I so desperately want to see.

A little bit about me: 
Sydney Lane lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and children. Growing up in Smalltown, USA, Sydney dreamed of being a writer. After spending an outrageous amount of money to go to college, Sydney finally decided to follow her heart. With her babies in bed and husband neglected, she worked by the light of her laptop and wrote Choices. Sydney is very active in charity work for anti-bullying and depression awareness groups. 
The cover was designed by Storm Designs (Sarie Storm), and she also lives here in Nashville, TN. 

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Show Your Support Kindle Giveaway

Welcome to my post for SHOW YOUR SUPPORT KINDLE GIVEAWAY! Thank you for supporting these Authors and Bloggers.I would also like to thank you for visiting and following my blog. I hope you enjoy this post.I am use to posting reviews,spotlights,and giveaways.I asked our the lovely Lady behind this giveaway what I should post and she said "Tell us about your wonderfulness". I will try,lol. I remembered a post I once had on my notes on facebook name "30 Random Things About Me and decided it would be a great way to let you know a little more about me. :)

1~ I LOVE chocolate
2~My favorite color is purple
3~I am 4ft 8in
4~I weighed 1lb 12oz @ birth and dropped to under a 1lb while still in the hospital
5~My mom did not hold me till i was 3 1/2 months old due to me having to be transferred to N.O. hospital because the hospital I was born in did not have the means nor the knowledge to take care of me.
6~The hospital I was born in and the movie theater that was my first job no longer exist
7~I have an identical twin sister who is 6 inches taller than me
8~I was held back in 3rd grade because I read lower that my grade level due to having a birthmark under my left eye til i was 3,then it went away but it left me legally blind in my left eye.
9~I choked on a checker when i was a toddler and my grandmother had to keep her finger in my throat  to keep moving the checker so I could breathe til we got to the hospital
10~I grew up in church but strayed away from God til march 2003,which the date i consider to be my spiritual birthday
11~I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in fall of 2002
12~I got married in 1996,had my daughter in 1997,had my son in 2000,and got divorced in 2002.
13~My favorite genres are YA: Paronormal Romance,Dystopian,Fantasy,NA: Realistic Fiction,Paranormal Romance.Adult:Christian Fiction
14~I have met the most awesomeness people and authors in the past year who feel more like my family than friends,there are some days I couldn't get through without them
15~I trust very few people because sometimes i can be paranoid about people being out to get me,if you are what I consider one of my close/best friend,then I trust you and u know more about me than anyone else
16~I lived in Catahoula,La ( a small town, if you can call it that,on the levee,full of Cajun culture) til i was 5 yrs old
17~My favorite book of the Bible is Esther which would explain why my favorite movie is One Night With the King
18~My favorite animals are dolphins,fish,butterflies,white tigers,and kola 
20~My dream is to preach God's Word globally to hurting women and children
21~I have NO wisdom teeth,Never have had them!
22~I am the first in my immediate family to have a college degree
23~I am slightly OCD ,i check the locks on the doors multiple times,i rinse my utensils and dishes before i use them,even @ other people's houses,I can't stand books being out of order or in wrong place at the bookstore or library
24~I am a picky person and sometimes i can't tell u what i am looking for until i find it but i do know what i don't want
25~I am not photogenic
26~I wish they would bring back skidz pants and YAGA shirts
27~Wish it was still the 80's
28~Though I am educated,when I am texting or chatting I perfer to write in southern slang (ex.: kinda,gotta,fixin,) and short hand (ex.: ur,c,bc)
29~ I love sausage and chicken gumbo with potato salad
30~ I hate celery so if i every eat anything u cook that has it in it,be sure not to tell me and not to let me see it  because even if i cant taste it i wont eat just knowing it is in there

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Gemini of Emreiana by Kristen DaRay Giveaway & Excerpt

Book Info-

Title- Gemini of Emreiana
Gemini Series Book #1
By Kristen DaRay
Genre: YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy

My entire life has been a lie: My parents didn't die in a car accident. They're not even dead. I'm not American. I'm not even human. I have strange powers, and I'm the heir to the throne of the planet Emreiana.

If I take the crown, I have to leave behind everything I have known here on Earth. I would have to say goodbye to my friends and leave behind Kyle, the boy I've loved since I was five. If I don't, then I risk the Bremoir finding me here on Earth and destroying everything I love.

You can find Gemini of Emreiana:

Excerpt :

"Look, this isn't very funny if you think it is a joke." I turned around to leave. I wanted to believe that my aunt had cracked and this guy was just insane, but the fact that he was in my dream confused and frightened me. Everything they were telling me could not be true. That would just be crazy.
I had not even made it out of the kitchen when something itchy grabbed my wrist. I looked down to find what looked like a vine. Then I followed the rest of it to find that it actually was a vine! The vine had come through the window above the sink and somehow grabbed my arm!
"Please dear, let me explain." Aunt Trish pleaded with me. Her arms were reached out and swaying to the rhythm of the attacking vines. That was when I realized she was controlling the vine.

*Giveaway Info-Author is offering a paperback copy of Gemini of Emreiana Open to US ONLY

Author Bio-
Kristen was born in Alabama in 1991 and still resides there today. She has been writing since the 6th grade. However, she did not begin to write fiction until she was 15. In 2009, Kristen had an idea that would spark the concept for Gemini of Emréiana that she would later write in 2011. During that time, she met her husband. They married in August of 2012. When Kristen is not writing, she spends time watching Korean Drama's or creating SIM's 3 stories. Kristen continues to write the next novels to the Gemini Trilogy. She also plans to release a new series later on in the year.


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Daughters of the Sea Blog Tour

Book Info: Forsaken
Daughters of the Sea Series-Book #1
By Kristen Day
Blurb: Once you’ve been touched by darkness, it never leaves you…
Abandoned by her parents as an infant; seventeen year old Hannah spent her childhood wading through countless foster families until being adopted by the Whitmans three years ago.
Unfortunately, Atlanta’s high society wasn’t quite ready for Hannah…or the strange events that plague her.
Chilling visions of murder, unexplained hallucinations, and a dark, mysterious guy who haunts her nightmares all culminate to set in motion a journey of self-discovery that will challenge everything she’s ever believed; not to mention her sanity.
Sent to live at The House of Lorelei on Bald Head Island, NC for ‘kids like her’, Hannah quickly realizes things are not what they seem. Her fellow ‘disturbed’ teens are actually the descendants of mythical Sea Gods and Goddesses. And so is she.
But when Finn, the ghost from her dreams, appears in the flesh; her nightmares become reality and her dark visions begin coming true. Inexplicably drawn to him, she can’t deny the dangerous hold he has on her heart. The deadly secrets he harbors will ultimately test her courage and push the boundaries of her love.
She must decide if she is ready to embrace the ancient legend she is prophesized to be a part of. The fate of all the descendants will forever depend upon it.

Book Info: Awaken
Daughters of the Sea Series Book #2
By Kristen Day
Blurb: The sacrifices we make have the power to shift the very fabric of who we are, and ultimately who we are meant to be…
After learning of her true destiny as the intended Leader of the Tydes, Anastasia Whitman must now embark on a perilous quest to the Underworld before the age of eighteen in order to plant the seed of immortality and complete her essence to become a true Sea Goddess. But before she can make her legendary journey, an unexpected new student transfers to Lorelei; initiating a sequence of events that will unravel Stasia’s new life, and test the boundaries of her relationship with the mysterious, dark, and sexy Finn Morrison. The line between the Underworld and the Living begins to blur as gruesome ghosts, morbid reveries, and pure evil haunt her waking hours as well as her sanity. Once the details of Finn’s own startling destiny are revealed, the dangerous secrets he’s been hiding will threaten the very love Stasia believed to be indestructible. As time begins to run out, she will be forced to choose between the one she loves and the destiny she cannot escape.

Book Info: Chosen
Daughters of the Sea Series Book #3
By Kristen Day
Publication Date: January 29, 2013

Excerpt: Awaken 
   “Do you think dead doctors like sexy nurses?” Carmen narrowed her eyes and wiggled her dark brown eyebrows. 
   “Please tell me you aren’t going to dress up as a sexy nurse again,” Phoebe snarled at Carmen with frustration. “That’s what you wore last year!”
   “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Carmen shrugged her shoulders and twirled a dark brown lock of hair around her finger. 
   “It is kinda overdone,” Phoebe contended; scrunching her nose. 
   “And your sexy cop outfit isn’t?” Carmen challenged her. “Six other girls wore the same costume last year.” 
   “Yea, but I was the only one with a pink cop uniform and fishnets,” Phoebe rested her hands on her hips with indignation, “and I’m going to be something different this year anyway.”
   “Fishnets? Seriously?” I gawked at Phoebe. I would never be able to pull fishnets off. Somehow I knew they looked absolutely amazing on her. 
   “When did Halloween turn into an excuse for girls to dress up like cheap sluts?” Willow chastised no one in particular, shaking her head. 
   “Don’t knock it ‘til you try it,” Carmen grinned shrewdly. 
   “So what do you guys think?” Phoebe prodded us again. I had to admit, I was a little curious about the Drake house and what, if any, connection it may have to Nadia. 
    “Are you sure you know where it is?” Willow asked. Phoebe shook her head vehemently, and then looked to me for my consent next. 
   “It would be kinda fun…” I started and Phoebe jumped up and down in her seat. Two yes’s and one to go. We all turned our attention to Carmen. 
   “Alright, but if a demon takes over my body and forces me to cut your heart out, don’t blame me,” Carmen cautioned her. 
   “I’ll just come back and haunt you every chance I get,” Phoebe challenged her with a steely expression. 
   “In your pink cop uniform? Ohhh, I’m shaking with fear already,” Carmen countered sarcastically. 
   “You guys really shouldn’t joke about that,” Willow chided. “If the legends about the Drake house are true, you’ll be eating your words.” 
   “I personally think the doc just went crazy and decided to slaughter his whole family. Probably cooked up the hearts and ate them himself,” Carmen theorized. 
   “Eww! Don’t say that!” Phoebe shrunk back in revulsion while Carmen smiled in triumph.            “Make no mistake,” warned a deep, foreboding voice behind us. “Demons are very real.” 
   “Ever heard of a doorbell?” Carmen scowled, “You can’t just go jumping out of the shadows anytime you feel like it.” 
   “But it’s so much more fun,” Finn smirked at her and then easily met my gaze. He leaned against the doorframe with inherent confidence. He was dressed in jeans and a gray t-shirt, while his handsome face was eerily shaded with the living room light at his back, “Plus I brought something I think you guys will be very interested in…” he teased cryptically. My tortured heart proceeded to hurdle up in my throat. 
   “The map?” I choked; my voice coming out an octave higher than I intended. 
   “The map,” he confirmed smugly. Willow gasped and a silence fell over our small balcony. All at once everyone bounded into the living room with renewed exhilaration. 
   “I’ll get markers!”
   “I’ll get a notebook!” 
   “I’ll get the pixie sticks!” The stampede halted long enough for us to give Willow a curious glance.
   “I always eat candy when I study,” she explained and shrugged her shoulders.
   We posted up at the coffee table like a pack of kids waiting for ice cream, eager to catch a glimpse of an actual map of the Underworld. Finn produced a large unassuming piece of paper rolled up and secured with a rubber band. Either The Sons have incredible preservation techniques or this was a printed version. 
   “Shouldn’t it be…older?” I scratched my head. 
   “I was only able to bring a copy of it…,” he justified with a slight grin. “The actual map is thousands of years old, not to mention it’s housed in a remote, undisclosed location; unknown to most descendents.” The gleam in his eye told me he wasn’t including himself in the ‘most’ category. I could only imagine the kind of information he was privy to. I wondered what it must be like to be Finn Morrison, Future Prime and hottest guy on earth. Being that sexy must come with immense responsibility and pressure. Oh, and the whole future-Prime-thing must be hard too. I giggled at my own thoughts; consequently attracting odd looks from my roommates.
   Finn, apparently used to my random outbursts, carefully unrolled the map; spreading it out on the table and securing its unruly corners with Phoebe’s teal and white tile coasters. A blanket of stillness cloaked the room as we gazed upon the most impressive map we had ever seen.

 About The Author: I am a southern belle at heart with a crazy streak that desperately tries to escape at every opportunity. I love all things nostalgic, rustic, and quirky. I've been told I see the world through rose-colored glasses, but I prefer to think of them as kaleidoscope glasses - swirling and morphing reality into something I can digest (who hasn't pretended those pasty lima beans were really kiwi strawberry jelly beans?).
I am the author of the DAUGHTERS OF THE SEA trilogy, which includes FORSAKEN, AWAKEN, and CHOSEN (Winter 2012). I love all books, but really enjoy writing young adult, paranormal romances. I've loved to write for as long as I can remember. My first published work was my poem RED in second grade (you guessed it - it was a poem about the color red - life altering, I know) that won me 5 gold stars and a spot in my elementary school's poetry book. That's when my addiction to the written word officially began. I was the only kid in fifth grade that actually enjoyed diagramming sentences. Go ahead and laugh – it’s okay.
When I'm not writing I'm making jewelry, painting, drinking sweet tea, watching the discovery channel, or going on random adventures in the mountains of North Carolina with my amazing husband. I graduated from Appalachian State University and dream of becoming a full time novelist.

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