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~FORSAKEN Book 2 ( Ancients of Light Series) by Heather Fleener Blog Tour and Review~


The Prophecy Will Be Fulfilled 
 Ancients were created in the beginning of the age of man. The Vampire were birthed by the underworld after mankind’s fall from grace to destroy what remained of God’s people. This threat to Creation was countered with divinely-breathed immortals. The Witch were most effective against the nefarious agenda pursued by the evil ones. An arcane Prophecy proclaims that the divine purpose of the Ancients of Light will be fulfilled, beginning with the rise of the Chosen. Now the Queens will join her…
Fire is her Destiny 
 Ella long ago determined she would not live a life where magic defined her. Feeling no kinship with her Caste, she walked away from the Realm and its conflicts. She found acceptance and fulfillment in her life amongst the mortals and is on the brink of achieving her dreams.
Darkness is His Curse
 Nicholas is the most revered warrior in the Darks’ army. His personal animosity towards the Light drives his existence and draws him to the one Witch he is set on controlling. Nicholas knows the reasons that Ella never found acceptance within the Fire Caste of Witch and he will use that knowledge to pursue his Dark agenda.
When Light and Dark Collide
 Despite her origins, Nicholas discovers more in Ella than just a powerful Fire Witch, leading him beyond the Dark evil that has plagued him for eight centuries. Ella disregards the inherent calling of her breed for the only true belonging she has ever experienced, the love she finds with her Dark Vampire. The beginning of the very Prophecy that will save the Light tears the pair apart and the fallout threatens their existence. When two of the most powerful immortals on opposite sides of Realm collide in divinely-inspired fate, neither will escape unscathed. Only when the Forsaken finds grace will Ella and Nicholas be able to fulfill the destiny that has always been meant for them.
 Ancients of Light, Paranormal Romance, Witch, Vampire, Prophecy, Chosen, Series, Epic, Saga, Magic
 Smashwords ISBN: 9781301467556
Word Count: 109670 (approx.)

    FORSAKEN took me totally by surprise. I read mostly YA and some NA books, but I try to steer clear of adult books because the graphic details of relationships between characters are not really my cup of tea. So I was a little shaken by the details of Cole and Ella’s first encounter. I quickly recovered from my frazzled state and kept reading. It was a great read once I got past being uncomfortable with certain details. It is a constant battle between Dark and Light with much romance mixed into the already fragile condition of the Realm. I look forward to the next installment of the ANCIENTS OF LIGHT Series to see the rise of all the Queens and find out which side will prevail.
    You see, the Vampire created for a Dark purpose, while the Witch was created to counteract that Darkness with Light. The Witch’s purpose was to destroy the evil wreaking havoc on mankind, known as the Vampire.
    However, in CHOSEN Book#1, Vampire and Witch ally to serve the Light together against the Dark. For just being a Vampire or Witch no longer determines your allegiance, both sides have been aligned with both creatures. Now a war is raging for one side to end the other for all time. But who will win? According to a prophecy long foretold, the Queens will rise to give strength to the Light that will overcome the Dark.
    Ella never felt much of a connection to her Fire Caste due to the fact they shunned her mother for not divulging who Ella’s father was. This causes her mother to raise her in the world outside of the Realm until her powers develop to the point of no longer being able to be concealed from humans. Though her mother returns her to the Realm for her safety, Ella leaves to start her own life outside the Realm as soon as her mother dies and she is of age. She pours her heart and soul into school, work and her friends. Though she enjoys flirting when out with her friends, she has little time or desire to commit to any guy. That is, until she meets Cole. She senses he is a Dark Vampire, but she cannot stop herself from entertaining his advancements. She is captivated by him. She convinces herself no foul no harm, but Cole may not be who he claims to be and may not exactly have her best interest in mind. He has his own agenda. Will he be her undoing or can she capture his heart and bring him back to the Light? 
   Nicholas, Warrior of Dark has been watching and waiting for the Fire Queen to emerge. He has a plan to capture and control her. Little does he know that his “little Witch” will capture his heart as well as he capturing hers. The question now is, can they be together yet hold on to their own allegiances or must one forsake their allegiance and cross over to the other side? This crucial decision can be the turning point of the war.

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  About the Author:
Heather Fleener lives in Indiana with her husband, D.A. and their twins, Thomas and Alexandra. Professionally she has spent her career working in the area of Intellectual Property law. Reading has been a passion of hers since she was young and she has been a closet-romance junkie her entire life. The romantic styles of Judith McNaught and Julie Garwood are her inspiration, though she has read and loved the stories of countless other authors. Her fascination with the paranormal began to form at the young age of six, watching late-night ghost and vampire movies with her Grandpa. Unfortunately, as a result, she also remains afraid of the dark to this day. Combining her love of epic romances and the supernatural was a natural progression for her overactive imagination. When the idea for the Ancients of Light series began, it was an abstract story line rambling around in her head to help kill a few miles on the treadmill. As the stories and plotlines continued to grow, it finally became necessary to put the words to paper and build the characters that had been living in the Realm and having conversations in her head for months. Ancients of Light is a series of thirteen novels - a testament to many miles on the treadmill and lots of characters that insist on having their stories told.
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