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BLOG BLITZ Tour for The Brave Art of Motherhood by Rachel Marie Martin

The Brave Art of Motherhood blog blitz final

Mother's Day is fast approaching, and we're joining up with JustRead Publicity Tours to tell you about a great gift for Mom this year! Keep reading for more info on a special ebook price to make your gift giving even easier AND a book club kit giveaway!


the brave art of motherhood Title: The Brave Art of Motherhood: Fight Fear, Gain Confidence, & Find Yourself Again
Author: Rachel Marie Martin  
Publisher: WaterBrook  
Release Date: October 9, 2018
Genre: Christian Living/Women's Interest  

Full-time FindingJoy.net blogger, speaker, marketer, podcaster, and single mom of seven, Rachel Marie Martin presents a wake-up call to those of us who have found ourselves stuck in the 'I'm just a mom' phase of life.

Yes, this book is about motherhood . . . but really, this book is about finding yourself again and following your passion WHILE being a mom. Inspired by her incredible story, Rachel's words always come straight from the gut; they are visceral, real and soul searching. She challenges you to find the courage to break cycles, to take off masks and not let fear take control. This book is a balance of tough, "no excuses" ways of approaching life, while allowing breathing room and grace for yourself, for as we all know, life and mothering are not perfect.

After inspiring and conversing with thousands of women, Rachel has surmised there is always a reason to hope, to move forward and a reason to dare doing what you thought was impossible. (Yes, including what you are skeptical of accomplishing right now). She encourages you to say yes to your dreams and stop waiting for "someday" or "one day" or "when something happens".

Prepare to change the way you think about yourself and your life. This will be a book you read over and over armed with a highlighter in one hand and a journal for introspection in another.

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RACHEL MARIE MARTIN, having pulled herself up from poverty to being named one of Inc. magazine's top 40 entrepreneurs, has been writing Finding Joy full time for several years and writing online for over a decade. Rachel is a single mom of 7, whose experiences range from homeschooling her two oldest daughters from kindergarten through graduation, now being a public school mom of 5. She's the daughter of church planters, a long time housewife and now a professional business woman.

She has always had a passion for a daring, adventure-filled life and is often requested to speak and motivate others with her vivacious energy and deep belief that life is a gift. Rachel is also a partner in Blogging Concentrated, the world's largest training and development company for bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters. She travels worldwide teaching marketing, voice, messaging, social media strategy and more.

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(1) winner will win a Book Club Kit (valued at $99)
  • 9 autographed copies of The Brave Art of Motherhood
  • audiobook of The Brave Art of Motherhood for those who would rather listen in the car
  • The Brave Art of Motherhood Book Club Conversation Guide
  • ebook of Rachel's first book, Dear Mom Letters
Enter via the Rafflecopter giveaway below. Giveaway will begin at midnight April 29, 2019 and last through 11:59 pm May 6, 2019. US only. Winners will be notified within 2 weeks of close of the giveaway and given 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

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Release Blitz: DEBASE by Rachel Van Dyken

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Debase, the final book in the Eagle Elite Series and the first new book in the Elite Bratva Brotherhood by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Rachel Van Dyken is Live!
With blood on my hands, I held her.
With death in my soul, I took from her.
With the devil in my heart, I coveted her.
There are many definitions of Hell.
My list was exhaustive, my definitions tragic.
Tonight I was adding something new to the very top.
Girl number six thirty-two.
She arrived on my birthday, the same day, every year, I play Russian Roulette and pull the trigger.
She was my omen.
My end game.
She made it personal.
And for the first time in my life, I gave in.
A virgin mob boss with no soul.
My name is Andrei Petrov.
They call me the devil.
All I want is for the pain to end.
All she wants is for me to share it.
I am the last remaining heir to a dynasty that should burn in Hell.
And my last wish remains for it to die with me.
Debase - AN.jpg
Download your copy today!
Amazon Worldwide: mybook.to/Debase
Add to Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2OyE6me
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About Rachel:
Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.
She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband, adorable son, and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from readers!
Connect with Rachel:

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Review of Onyx Elixir by Frost Kay

Fact 752 - Karma was a vindictive wench, and Luck, no lady.

Allie never believed in Karma, but after the week she'd had, she was prone to believe that if such an entity existed, it had to be a woman. Only a woman could hold such an ugly, nasty grudge, and make Allie's life so impossibly miserable. If spying for the enemy and a broken heart wasn't enough, someone had even stolen her favorite heels. Classy, right? Bad luck strikes again.

Fact 689 - Southern girls were supposed to be graceful losers.

Spying for Sloven wasn't the plan, but every attempt she made to escape his clutches only entrenched her deeper into a war Allie never wanted to be part of. Good thing her mama taught her how to fight dirty. Allie would play his game, and do the one thing he didn't think possible. She'd win.

Fact 521 - Never play a player, or in this case, a southern belle.

It was just one compromise...

"Once you take one sip of this series, you'll probably want to keep coming back for more!" ~ Goodreads Reviewer

Mixologists and Pirates Series
1 - Amber Vial
2 - Emerald Bane
3 - Scarlet Venom
4 - Cyan Toxin
5 - Onyx Elixir

Holy moly! Frost Kay is quickly becoming the Cliffhanger Queen! Each book in this series seems to end with another cliffhanger that leaves you screaming for more! And can we talk about all the twists and turns blindsiding the reader at every turn! Good gracious, I half expect this series to end with Allie waking up on Earth to all this being a really bad dream and I'm pretty sure she would appreciate that. However, she wouldn't have met her friends and probably still trying to perfect her moonshining skills unsuccessfully on Earth if she happened to still be there. So eventhough she's been through countless traumatic events, blindsided by betrayals and being stalk by a insane maniac I think she would appreciate this adventure over a mundane earthly existence, if she survives this ordeal,that is! Oh and I must mention the Blade the hottie,man can Allie just give in to her emotions and take a chance on him? I sure hope the slow burn of romance catches fire!

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Rune's Folly Blog Tour

Rune’s Folly
Garen Glazier
Publication date: February 5th 2019
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Young Adult
By day, Tansy McCoy is a florist making charmed bouquets for the citizens of Junonia, capital of the Kingdom of Terranmar. By night, she’s an assassin and the keeper of the Dangerous Garden where deadly blooms grow. Together with the town tailor, butcher, baker, and metalsmith (just don’t call her a candlestick maker), she is part of the Guild, a secret group of spell-wielding thieves and mercenaries. Their task: consolidate all that remains of the realm’s fading magic under the ruthless King Zeno’s control.
Impetuous loner Tansy chafes under her Guild demands. She longs to quit her town and trade and head for the hills. Unfortunately, King Zeno has other plans. He wants to marry off his daughter to Terranmar’s famously reclusive wizard, Rune Hallows, and he’s willing to have the Guild kidnap him to make it happen. Fail to deliver the wizard and the consequences will be swift and deadly.
Reluctant but determined, Tansy sets out on the long journey to faraway Wentletrap and Rune’s desolate tower by the sea. To get there she must cross a swamp full of sinister surprises, battle a werewolf, and outrace a bloodthirsty band of revenants, while she wrestles with her own magical powers that seem to be expanding in unpredictable ways.
But reaching Rune’s tower is only the beginning. When Tansy learns the real reason behind the king’s contest, she’ll need to decide whether to give in to the growing forces of magic ready to reclaim Terranmar or embrace her newfound powers to save the kingdom.
What an exciting wonderful adventure through an imaginary creative fantasy world! This book is filled with everything you could want,it have adventure, mystery, romance, loveable characters, amazing plot twists and a storyline that sucks you in and keeps you hanging on to the very end. I love trying to guess where the plot is going and what's going to happen next but what really makes a great book is when it surprises you! I'm excited to see where the author takes us next in this story!

Author Bio:
I have always called Seattle home and find the perpetual gloom to be a wonderful writing ally. I like coffee shops, bookstores, dancing in my living room and singing in my car. The opening scene of Up makes me cry. Three Amigos makes me laugh. Fashion magazines, croissants, and long, long baths are my guilty pleasures. They might occur separately or together. I prefer boxing classes to yoga, and I get some of my best ideas when I'm running. I loved school and spent more time than one really should getting a business degree in marketing and a master's in art history. In an ideal world I'd go to bed at 2am and wake up at 10am. I've never been an early bird, and I feel strongly that alarm clocks kill dreams.
Learn more at garenglazier.com.


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Review of Beauty in Flight Trilogy

I'm a sucker for Christian thriller books after Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker drew me back on the love of reading with their suspenseful stories. This may not be labeled as a Christian thriller but it has the same aspects as that genre I love! The story was a slow burn of anticipating something something just around the corner creeping ever steadily until BAM it jumps out at you and you fall off the edge of your seat that you've been clinging to for dear life! The way the author builds up the suspense and slams you with a cliffhanger is exactly what I crave in a story!
I can totally relate to Harper's constant suspicion of being watched or followed. Once you've been in a situation where you've experienced fear,it never really leaves you. Now I've taken a long journey of healing and restoration with Jesus and have overcome much of that but I'm still in the process of complete healing and restoration. I hope Harper can find that too!

Harper and Red are on the run from Derrick whose hell bent on getting money from his grandfather and revenge against Harper. But as they hide out from Derrick, Harper's relationship with her "grandfather " Red, grows as does her budding friendship with her landlord and her relationship with God. Harper's has been anything but easy and past mistakes has brought hardships but she's slowly learning to trust God even though her trust in men is waning. But what will happen when the past catches up with her? 

The third book in this trilogy brings a conclusion worth waiting for through all the suspense, mystery, and edge of your seat anticipation. Jack may just be the man to prove to Harper that not all of the male gender are manipulating, selfish people who can't be trusted. He stands by her side as she takes a terrifying leap of faith to make sure Red is safe and Derrick can't get to either of them. As she tries to put the pieces of her life in order and bring light to the truth she may just learn that God really does bring beauty from ashes! 

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Everything I Do by M.C Frank

Everythind I Do by M.C Frank
Release Date: April 17th, 2019
Series: Outlaws, Book 1

Robin Hood is about to steal your heart.

A robber and a princess.
A girl disguised as a boy.
A medieval reimagining of the legend of Robin Hood packed with adventure, sacrifice and romance.

Robin Hood, hidden deep in the Sherwood Forest, is fighting to restore the crown to its rightful king, surrounded by faithful friends, green leaves and clear skies. Burdened with secrets, betrayal and an incredible responsibility, he struggles to stay alive and keep the starving people fed. One day, a boy saves him from the Sheriff’s poisoned arrows. Robin, impressed by the slender youth’s courage and skill, takes the boy with him to the forest.

Only, the boy is not a boy.

In the castle of Nottingham, a maiden who used to be a princess is forced to obey the wishes of a tyrannical Sheriff. She dons on male clothes and trains to become a fierce assassin, vowing to catch the greatest criminal in the kingdom. But when she saves Robin Hood’s life nearly losing her own, she is rescued by the outlaws.

When Robin and the “boy” meet, two worlds collide, resulting in unimaginable danger and intense romance. Who will survive when they learn each other’s secrets? What happens when the assassin falls in love with her victim?

Filled with danger, intrigue and slow-burn passion, this is a Robin Hood story unlike any you have ever read before!

A fresh new twist on an old classic. Experience everything you love about Robin Hood with nothing you expected. A beautiful package wrapped with all the feels. A world full of adventure and danger, friends and betrayals,truths and secrets, mystery and romance. Both doing what they have to do to survive but when they're worlds collide nothing is will ever be the same!
I grew up on the story of Robin Hood, fell in love after watching the movie but my heart wasn't prepared for the genius imagination MC Frank used to take it to whole new level! Talk about a book hangover!

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Shades of Vengeance, Raven Point Pack series by Heather Renee

New Release and .99 Sale!

Series: Raven Point Pack

Author: Heather Renee

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Buy Links:
Book 1: http://smarturl.it/ShadesOfFury - .99 Sale!
Book 4: http://smarturl.it/ShadesOfVengeance - New Release!

Synopsis for Shades of Vengeance:

Harper Gibbons only wants one thing: justice for her family who was killed by a group of rogue wolves. As she digs deeper, she's told she will need the new territory alpha to assist her with the mission, but he's been dodging her attempts at contact and her patience has run out.

Aiden Anders just lost his father and has taken over their pack while also being named interim-territory alpha. He thought he was prepared, but as more disasters keep happening around their pack, he quickly realizes his previous alpha training only scratched the surface. When a hot-headed female shows up at his pack demanding help, he wants nothing more than to send her away, but his wolf has other plans.

Together, Harper and Aiden will learn they have more in common than they realize and need to figure out how to work together for both their benefits. That is, if they don't kill each other first.

Scroll up and one-click your copy today!

Available exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

Author Bio:

Heather Renee is a USA Today Bestselling author who lives in Oregon. She writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance novels with a mixture of adventure, humor, and sass. Her love of reading eventually led to her passion of writing and giving the gift of escapism.
When Heather's not writing, she is spending time with her loving husband and beautiful daughter, going on their own adventures.

Release Week Giveaways!

There are a couple giveaways happening during release week. Join Heather’s reader group and check out her author page to enter!