Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Review of Onyx Elixir by Frost Kay

Fact 752 - Karma was a vindictive wench, and Luck, no lady.

Allie never believed in Karma, but after the week she'd had, she was prone to believe that if such an entity existed, it had to be a woman. Only a woman could hold such an ugly, nasty grudge, and make Allie's life so impossibly miserable. If spying for the enemy and a broken heart wasn't enough, someone had even stolen her favorite heels. Classy, right? Bad luck strikes again.

Fact 689 - Southern girls were supposed to be graceful losers.

Spying for Sloven wasn't the plan, but every attempt she made to escape his clutches only entrenched her deeper into a war Allie never wanted to be part of. Good thing her mama taught her how to fight dirty. Allie would play his game, and do the one thing he didn't think possible. She'd win.

Fact 521 - Never play a player, or in this case, a southern belle.

It was just one compromise...

"Once you take one sip of this series, you'll probably want to keep coming back for more!" ~ Goodreads Reviewer

Mixologists and Pirates Series
1 - Amber Vial
2 - Emerald Bane
3 - Scarlet Venom
4 - Cyan Toxin
5 - Onyx Elixir

Holy moly! Frost Kay is quickly becoming the Cliffhanger Queen! Each book in this series seems to end with another cliffhanger that leaves you screaming for more! And can we talk about all the twists and turns blindsiding the reader at every turn! Good gracious, I half expect this series to end with Allie waking up on Earth to all this being a really bad dream and I'm pretty sure she would appreciate that. However, she wouldn't have met her friends and probably still trying to perfect her moonshining skills unsuccessfully on Earth if she happened to still be there. So eventhough she's been through countless traumatic events, blindsided by betrayals and being stalk by a insane maniac I think she would appreciate this adventure over a mundane earthly existence, if she survives this ordeal,that is! Oh and I must mention the Blade the hottie,man can Allie just give in to her emotions and take a chance on him? I sure hope the slow burn of romance catches fire!

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