Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Review of Beauty in Flight Trilogy

I'm a sucker for Christian thriller books after Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker drew me back on the love of reading with their suspenseful stories. This may not be labeled as a Christian thriller but it has the same aspects as that genre I love! The story was a slow burn of anticipating something something just around the corner creeping ever steadily until BAM it jumps out at you and you fall off the edge of your seat that you've been clinging to for dear life! The way the author builds up the suspense and slams you with a cliffhanger is exactly what I crave in a story!
I can totally relate to Harper's constant suspicion of being watched or followed. Once you've been in a situation where you've experienced fear,it never really leaves you. Now I've taken a long journey of healing and restoration with Jesus and have overcome much of that but I'm still in the process of complete healing and restoration. I hope Harper can find that too!

Harper and Red are on the run from Derrick whose hell bent on getting money from his grandfather and revenge against Harper. But as they hide out from Derrick, Harper's relationship with her "grandfather " Red, grows as does her budding friendship with her landlord and her relationship with God. Harper's has been anything but easy and past mistakes has brought hardships but she's slowly learning to trust God even though her trust in men is waning. But what will happen when the past catches up with her? 

The third book in this trilogy brings a conclusion worth waiting for through all the suspense, mystery, and edge of your seat anticipation. Jack may just be the man to prove to Harper that not all of the male gender are manipulating, selfish people who can't be trusted. He stands by her side as she takes a terrifying leap of faith to make sure Red is safe and Derrick can't get to either of them. As she tries to put the pieces of her life in order and bring light to the truth she may just learn that God really does bring beauty from ashes! 

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