Monday, April 15, 2013

Review of Jodi Stone's Children's Books

An Easter Bonnet for Lily
An Easter Bonnet for Lily is such a cute book with an awesome message. I loved the illustrations in the book. A tale of a young girl and a bunny that both seem to be having a sad Easter due to the fact that they both have reasons why they can’t help with preparations. Lily has always seen her long ears as a burden because they always seem to get in the way. Lily took a walk and fell asleep in the carriage that transports bunnies to the world of people and once again her long ears get in the way and press a button to transport her. A little girl named Savannah was having trouble finding a way to help with Easter preparations also .Feeling sad, Savannah took a walk to the garden where she encounters Lily. Lily tells Savannah how her ears keep getting in the way. Savannah comes up with a solution to help Lily and finds a way to help with Easter preparations.

Savannah's Story
Savannah's sisters are too busy to play with her and she has run out of things to do.Suddenly feeling tired,Savannah lays down and suddenly finds herself in a magical place.She is the size of a doll and is in her dollhouse where she meets her fairy doll.They have a magical day before Savannah falls asleep and wakes back up normal size again in her room.Those her sisters think her adventure is just a figment of her imagination,Savannah finds something near her dollhouse that helps her believe it was more than just a dream.

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