Monday, August 6, 2012

The YA Sisterhood: Match 28: Dimitri (3) vs. Daemon (11)

Yes,I have fictional crushes.And thanks to The YA Sisterhood's YA Crush Tourney 2.0 I get to vote for one of my crushes.I just discovered Vampire Academy a few weeks ago.With 6 books in the series,I am half way through the last book.I love Jace from TMI series but  I have fallen for Dimitri now.I don't know which one I love more but I think I will be in trouble if they put both them against each other in the Crush Tourney! As of now that is not the case. Dimitri is up against Daemon and since I haven't read Obsidian yet I can't say much about Daemon.However,I can say much about Dimitri.At St. Vladimir Academy the student refer to him as a god because he is a legend when it comes to killing Strigoi(undead evil vampires).He believes strongly in doing what is right and standing up for what you believe in.He is hot,strong,determined,yet gentle and loving when it comes to Rose.Follow the link below for more on both guys and to vote.
The YA Sisterhood: Match 28: Dimitri (3) vs. Daemon (11): Welcome to The YA Sisterhood's YA Crush Tourney 2.0!

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