Monday, September 30, 2013

Blog Tour: Sweet Escape by Bailey Ardisone

Title: Sweet Escape (Sweet, 2)
Author: Bailey Ardisone
Genre: New Adult Fantasy
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours

Synopsis -

Sometimes the hardest war to fight is the one raging within yourself…

Life will never be the same for Nariella Woodlinn. Just when she thought she had it all figured out, her world comes crumbling down around her-yet again. With no idea who she is or even where she came from, how can she save herself?
She once thought her biggest problems were the ones brought on by the mysterious man she refused to fall in love with—Mycah. But she quickly discovers none of that compares to what she is about to encounter next.
This time, it isn’t because of who Mycah is.
This time, it’s because of who she is.
NaminĂ© risked everything to save her people. Her goal was to bring their only hope back to their Kingdom. As the war rages on around her, NaminĂ© gets thrown into the lion’s den—the false King’s chambers. Can she fool a King who can’t be deceived on his playing field? Forced to do his bidding, can she prevent the downfall of the only hope she worked so hard to bring home? Will she be able to escape with her life and mind intact?

With everyone’s world falling apart and deceit around every corner…can any of them truly Escape?


Oh my goodness,the truths that are revealed,the hardships they face,and that ending were mind blowing! Another sleepless night reading the Sweet Series,I couldn't stop.I had to know if they would succeed.At one point I was just as confused about Mycah's actions as was Nari(I mean this in a good way because that is what the author is trying to portray). I felt for what Nari was going through but I have to say when she puts her mind to it she can kick~but. While one relationship blossoms another is on the rocks. Namine is desperately trying to do her part to save her people but there is only so much she can do under the watchful eye of the False King. Their lives are in danger now than it ever was on Earth.Four teens must find out who they really are and what side they are going to take in a waging war that can only be stopped by the True King,Mycah.

Author Bio -

Bailey Ardisone was born and raised outside of Chicago, Illinois. She married the love of her life and spends her days submerged in books, movies, music, or art, and loves traveling. Fantasy books and movies have been a huge part of her life, and she is desperately obsessed with Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.
Her sister contributed some of the writing in Sweet Oblivion and Sweet Escape
I pushed him back against the wall by his taut chest, never disconnecting my lips from his, and kissed him like I was starving for this one thing. Starving for him.
And I so was.
I couldn’t breathe, and I didn’t care. There was nothing else in this world but him and me, and I soaked it up like a dry sponge. He nipped my lip at the same time his hand savored the bare skin at the small of my back under my shirt.
It sent a rush of blood to every nook and corner of my body, giving me a euphoric high. I pressed myself further against him, but it wasn’t enough.
And I knew he felt the same when he slid his hands over my backside down to the inside of my thighs, picking me up off the ground. I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist and let him lay me down along the cold, hard rock below.
I wanted him. So badly, I wanted him. Desire pooled in my gut, just for him. And I could feel he wanted me just as badly. I grinned against his hot lips and suppressed a giggle—knowing the others were just an earshot away.


  1. Oh, I just absolutely LOVE your review! I am soso happy you enjoyed my books. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving them a chance, and for participating in my blog tour! <3

    1. Glad you loved the review and your welcome it was an honor to participate in your blog tour. <3