Sunday, October 20, 2013

Review of ENDLESS by Jessica Shirvington

Goodreads Blurb:

Love will kill us all.

Angels are real. They aren't always kind. Violet Eden is certain of all this because she is Grigori - part angel, part human. She has felt the influence of both light and dark. 

When Hell unleashes its worst, Violet must embrace every facet of her angel self to save the people she cares about and the world as she knows it. But death is not the worst thing that Violet will face. For her, the endless question 'Can love conquer all?' will finally be answered.

Oh my goodness,another adventurous journey with Violet filled with trials,life altering decisions,and a little romance too! Violet must go to the Academy in New York and face the Assembly.Head of the Assembly is the lovely (NOT) Josephine who would love to see Violet fail.Violet is determined to prove herself but she may be doomed from the beginning because Josephine has every intention of finding a way to sabotage Violet's Grigori tests.Violet's mother,Evelyn is also summoned to the Academy in New York knowing full well Josephine plans to imprison her there.So while Griffin,Lincoln, Zoe,Spence,Violet and her parents head to New York the rest of the gang searches around the world for a way to stop Lilith.But Lilith has a plan of her own and is hell bent on destroying not only the woman who sent her to hell the first time,but also her daughter.Plans are put into action.Some with good intentions,others with evil intentions.Violet must decide of she is willing to trust Phoenix or if his past mistakes has forever pinned him as the enemy.When the smoke clears not everyone will still be standing.
So I guess I'm a sucker for bad boys because while I like Lincoln for some reason I love Phoenix.I keep hoping he will turn good and stop hurting Violet everytime she opens herself up to trust him.However,in ENDLESS I really fell in love with Lincoln.Is Lincoln swoon~worthy? Most definitely! We see more of his true feelings for Violet. With this said,I have to say there was a time when both boys' lives were hanging in the balance and I wanted to hurl the book across the room! I don't advice doing that though.Just take a couple of deep breaths and keep reading because all is not what it seems.

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