Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review:Zane - The Guardian Angel (A Brookehaven Vampires Novella, #3.5 – Companion to Tainted Blood) by Joann I. Martin Sowles

Being chosen as one of the Fallen is an honor amongst the angels. Yet, it was an honor Zane had not wished for.
On Laney’s nineteenth birthday, Zane fell with the mission to keep her safe, but he was never given that opportunity...
In this Brookehaven Vampires novella, you will step into the mind of Laney’s guardian angel, get a glimpse of his life before the fall, and see what our world looks like from his point of view.

The last thing Zane wants to do is leave his fiance and fall to Earth as someone's Guardian Angel.But once he is chosen there is little he can do to stop it.Zane is quit hypocritical,he wants the first one he is with to be his fiance but yet he doesn't give his charge the same courtesy.All he wants to do is save Laney no matter the matter who gets hurt in the processes,just so he can return home and live his happy life. Laney and Oliver aren't give in to Zane's orders without a fight.If Zane doesn't fulfill his mission he will be stuck in our realm forever and his sanity will be lost.Through Zane's story we get a peek into part of Laney's bloodline and we see things from the enemies' perspective.There are key facts revealed in Zane that is crucial to understanding what is happening in Cursed.

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