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Forsaken by Makenzie McCroskey Jones Blog Tour

Title: Forsaken
Author: Makenzie McCroskey Jones      
Genre: YA Fantasy
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours

Book Description
Burdened by eyes that reveal her emotions, branded by a birthmark that spells out her name, and gifted with strength heightened by inhuman capabilities, Kiara Fable has always suspected a veiled aspect of her life—what she failed to notice was the truth of her past lurking in the shadows, disastrously unraveling the normalcy of her future. Kiara’s dreary life with her adoptive family in a small, isolated village in the heart of the mystical world Menevilen is abruptly shattered the day she is rescued from an attempted assassination by the charming and intimidating Avian Knight. According to him, royal blood native to the kingdom of Enevale flows through Kiara’s veins—the same blood her maniacal, magic-wielding aunt, Vyntrx, will do virtually anything to spill. Thrust in the midst of a century-old blood-feud between the Evalseman and Nonae races, Kiara must ultimately betray half of her heritage and choose to defend a side of the rivalry. Faced with a war she may not be capable of winning, the presence of a traitor hiding amid the darkness of distrust, the bittersweet venom of love’s merciless sting, and more precarious escapades than she thought imaginable, Kiara fears her new world may be utterly forsaken.

A fast pace adventure as two warring races come to a head. Kiara is hidden away to keep her safe from a vicious evil revenge seeking aunt who would love nothing more than to bring Kiara to her demise. Kiara has been despised by her Evalseman community for her color shifting eyes. Though they have no proof they suspect she is half Evalseman and half Nonae .Kiara has heard the story all her life, well since she was nine anyway because she has no memories before that, of how the King had a Nonae wife who died in childbirth and he had to hide away his half breed daughter in another realm to keep her from her aunt’s clutches. All the while, the Princess has been living among them. However, when the King suddenly dies her protector and advisor must find her and ensure she becomes the crowned Queen of Enevale. Thrust into a new life Kiara must come to terms with who she really is and what she is destined to do: kill her aunt. It all comes down to the final battle. Can Kiara kill her aunt, win the battle, and bring peace between the two races? Only time will tell.
Friends will be made, love will be found, betrayal will bring devastation, and lives will be gained and lost. Things aren’t always what they seem and remember there is always two sides to every story but will that be enough for one of our betrayers to find forgiveness or does his actions cut too deep to be mended? And prepare yourself for a heart dropping cliffhanger. Although it does leave you with wanting to know more!
All Kiara wanted was to turn 17 and join the Enevale’s army. Ironically she gets her wish but in a way she never imaged possible. Soon she finds out her bravery is hidden anxiety and fear she must overcome. Though it is a long process treacherous Kiara finds her confidence to face her fears head on and become the heroine her people need her to be. She is feisty and rarely holds her tongue.
Avian and Kain...hhmm what to say about these two? Both are tortured souls. Kain is tortured by an injustice that happened to him in his childhood and Avian is tortured by past mistakes that are haunting his every move. Both love the Princess but one holds her heart yet he cannot have her and one wants her heart but she doesn’t know if the feeling are reciprocated because she’s already given her heart away to one who holds it captive.
Vyntrx the villain aka Kiara’s aunt. I just wanted to reach in there and knock that sardonic smile off her face. I don’t know how that woman is still alive because definitely has no heart. She is a conniving sadistic snake weaving a trail of misery in attempt to bring others the same pain she feels from misplaced blame and hatred.

Author Bio
MaKenzie McCroskey Jones has been writing since the tender years of childhood. After writing her first novel in fifth grade, McCroskey Jones was determined to become a published author and share her stories with the world. Her debut novel, Forsaken, was under construction for six years before its release. Currently, McCroskey Jones attends college in her home town and dreams of one day moving to the thriving world of a big city. McCroskey Jones's workload is split between her job as a student writer in the University Relations and Marketing Department of her college, as a Creative Writing major, and as the author of Forsaken's sequels and two additional budding series which she will publish under the pen name M.L. Sparrow. 

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     After Avian had prepared the makeshift campsite beside the glowing fire, Kain wrapped himself in a blanket and succumbed to slumber almost instantly. Avian reclined against the harsh bark of a tree, his eyes scanning the forest as his thoughts whirred. He heard Kiara shuffling closer to him and chided his heartbeat for accelerating from the mere reminder of her presence.
     “See anything?” she whispered.
     “No,” he muttered. “You should get some rest.”
     She sighed, folding her legs against her chest and staring at Avian through the shadows. “My head feels like it’s on fire,” she said slowly. “When I look at you, when I’m near you, my body swirls and spins with confusion. A voice inside my head tells me to push you away, to distance myself from you—but a small part of me just wants to break down and sob. Why do I feel that way, Avian? Why have my emotions changed so much?”
     He glanced away, his eyes locked on the lightless distance as tears slid down his cheeks. A lump of guilt rose in his throat as desolation smothered his heart. “Maybe someone out there just doesn’t want us to be together,” he choked.
    His suggestion issued a wave of conflicting emotion to stir in the pit of her stomach. She bit her lip, urging the sensation to pass—but it only grew stronger. “I’m not sure what to say,” she admitted.
     “There’s something I want you to know and never forget,” he spoke softly, his voice quavering. He refused to glance at her and allow her to see his tear-streaked face. “Regardless of what happens.”
     She furrowed her brow in confusion, attempting to discern his figure through the oppressive shadows. The gleam of the fire highlighted his body in an orange outline, but his face was deliberately turned from hers and even if he had been staring directly at her, she would not have been able to read his expression through the darkness. “What is it?”
     He was silent for several seconds. In the distance, a bird squawked plaintively as though it had been attacked by a predator. “I love you,” he declared. “I’ll always love you.”

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