Sunday, April 27, 2014

I Fell in Love With a Boy

I fell in love with a boy
But you are a boy no more
A man I don't know took his place
Yet my heart longs for the one
That's gone not whose there now
So what do I tell my heart
When it can't find what it wants
Lost in the land of forgotten things
You left my heart shattered in pieces
And ran away with the glue to fix it
Our love lost and forgotten
Replaced with hate and regret
The man I see before me is not he
Who can be what my heart wants

Strangers to each other
And worlds apart
Stuck in yesterday
Where dreams were made
But never came true
No longer who we use to be
Separated by the time and space
Changed by circumstances
Decisions that can't be undone

So we go on pretending
Our two worlds don't belong together
The edges of both barely touching
By what we made in love
Two lives that lost one parent
And searches desperately
For the other to no end
If only you would let our worlds Collide once again
If just to make them whole
Though ours may never mend
Theirs can be put together if you let
Pride and shame keep you away
You pretend the man you've become
Was not once the boy that loved

A woman and a man now a shell of who They were as a boy and girl carefree In love determined to show the world
They could make it despite the odds That were stacked against them
But their world slowly tore apart  Every block carefully put in place Came tumbling down in a crash of Pain and chaos left in ruins
Never to be rebuilt
Now an ancient memory
Slowly fading away
In to the darkness forever lost

One boy and one girl hidden deep Inside the shells we have become
Love just a fairy tale never real
Only in the pages of our minds
Where I now live captured by the past
A hope just out of my grasp
A world where everything
Turns out right as it should be
Happily ever after to every story

A princess with her prince
A knight in shining armor
Rescuing her from any hurt
That tries to plague her
Real love that never ends
No evil and no trouble could undo
What they built together
Their hearts forever entwined

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