Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Soul For You Blog Tour

Title: My Soul For You
Author: Morgana Phoenix
Release Day: June 8, 2014

***Warnings: Language and sexual content
Genre: New Adult Contemporary, Thriller with strong elements of Romance***

You are cordially invited to have your heart’s desire come true.

For Kaitlin Claremont this is a very tall order. What wouldn’t an orphan girl living over of her aunt’s shop wish for? But when her one night of passion in the arms of sexy and completely out of her reach Kaleb turns into a nightmare, Katie realizes quickly that nothing is as it seems and there is so much more to Kaleb O'Reilly than she ever bargained for.

Kaleb has his own demons and even with all his training, he’s not prepared for the brown-eyed beauty, nor can he deny he wants her in a way that very much complicates everything. But what happens when the hunger wins and his true purpose puts Katie at risk? Can he protect her from his mistakes? And can Katie protect those she loves from a monster with no mercy?

Time is running out.
Will they kill or be killed?


Another awesome Airicka/Morgana book! This woman does not disappoint.Any fan of Airicka's will be pleased***unless you are under 18~it's not intended for a younger audience***.
So did not expect that ending!There are many twists and turns that will keep you guessing who is the villain and what is really happening.It;s filled with suspense,love,and drama. 
Kaitlin gets in over her head when her and her best friend Ashlee get themselves invited to a gala they have no business being at.A chance meeting turns into a passionate night that Kaitlin has been dreaming of with Kaleb. However,this sets off a chain reaction of threats from an invisible source.Now they must try to water down their fiery passion as they try to find who wants to destroy not only their reputations but their lives and the lives of those Kaitlin loves.And Kaitlin needs to figure out if she really trusts Kaleb or are her feelings distorting her judgement.Who ever the stalking villain is,it is someone who is playing a deadly game and if they don't come up with a plan to oust'em then the consequences could lead to death.


Author Bio
Morgana Phoenix is the sinister form Airicka Phoenix takes in the cloak of night where she compels her victims to burn the midnight oil reading tales of mystery, danger and steaming romance.

On weekends, she bakes cookies and watches reruns of Supernatural.
For more, visit her lair... If you dare: 

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