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Some say love is deadly. Some say love is beautiful. I say it is both.

Faith Watters spent her junior year traveling the world, studying in exquisite places, before returning to Oviedo High School. From the outside her life is picture-perfect. Captain of the dance team. Popular. Happy. Too bad it’s all a lie.

It will haunt me. It will claim me. It will shatter me. And I don't care.

Eighteen-year-old Diego Alvarez hates his new life in the States, but staying in Cuba is not an option. Covered in tattoos and scars, Diego doesn't stand a chance of fitting in. Nor does he want to. His only concern is staying hidden from his past—a past, which if it were to surface, would cost him everything. Including his life.

At Oviedo High School, it seems that Faith Watters and Diego Alvarez do not belong together. But fate is as tricky as it is lovely. Freedom with no restraint is what they long for. What they get is something different entirely.

Love—it will ruin you and save you, both.

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I don't even know where to begin. I'm sitting here trying to pull myself out of a book hangover. The Author took my emotions and shook them up every which way.At one point I thought I lost my heart but thank goodness I was given it back later in the story .I love this story of love and heartache, broken pasts, learning to stand up for yourself and be who you really are and not what everyone else experts you to be.Two broken teens coming from two different ethnic backgrounds fight to push the boundaries of prejudices that threaten to keep them apart. From the first time they meet they recognize that each have a shield around their hearts and secrets very privileged few have the honor of knowing. So the race is on to see who can break whose wall down first. Both are plagued with fear of trust because their worlds were once shattered by abandonment and  betrayal. One hides behind a perfect facade of the image everyone thinks is her but inside their is a real girl, the real Faith beginning to be released but she keeps that self under lock and key so only her best friend knows the real her.Until him.Diego is running from a dangerous past that he buried when he escaped Cuba for a chance at a new and better life in America. But the streets in Florida isn't a far change from Cuba.His neighborhood is crawling with a gang that would do anything to recruit him.After refusing their offer and fight them off he learns to stay away from certain parts of the neighborhood. Faith struggles with her feelings for Diego and being torn between wanting to keep her dad and his church congregation happy by being the good girl they expect her to be while desperately wanting to be the real her.Can Diego help her over come her fears and learn to be her true self and accept it's ok for her to be happy instead of always trying to please others? And can Diego stay hidden from his past or is he doomed to live that lifestyle no matter where he calls home just to keep those he loves safe?

About Amber Hart
Amber Hart grew up in Orlando, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. She now resides on the Florida coastline with family. When unable to find a book, she can be found writing, daydreaming, or with her toes in the sand. She's the author of BEFORE YOU, AFTER US, UNTIL YOU FIND ME, and sequel to UNTIL YOU FIND ME (untitled as of yet). Represented by Beth Miller of Writers House. 

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