Thursday, November 13, 2014

Eagle Elite Series by Rachel Van Dyken

Since I fell in love with a new series this week I thought I'd share it.
Eagle Elite Series by Rachel Van Dyken
***NA not recommended for anyone under 17

Four boys,well I guess they are men now,born into a world they can't escape.So they embrace it  while trying it to make it better but they meet opposition at every turn. The old bosses don't like the young ones coming into power but not everyone is against them but you never know who to trust,even your best friends from childhood could become your enemy over night. And our boys were bred to fight for family always Blood is thicker than life and you always choose family above all.But they also love with their whole hearts when they love and will do anything to keep their women safe,even from themselves.There are scarifies made,new allies and enemies made,power changes hands,hearts get broken but in the end there is always love and family that prevails. 

Here's my review of ELITE so you can see how this series affected me:

I still trying to figure out how to write this review,well actually 4 reviews bc I was so caught up in the story that I didn't stop after each book to write a review.Now I've got a major book hangover and feel like I'm still living in the Elect's world.I seriously found me some new book boyfriends,I mean who doesn't love a bad boy,right?! Well this is the story of the epitome of bad boys and Tracey has just landed herself smack dab in the middle of these boys know as The Elect when she wins a scholarship to the prestigious Eagle Elite College. It was her dying grandma's wish and Tracey is hell bent on fulfilling her grandma's wish and doing what she thinks it'll take to make sure her grandpa is taken care of.
In walk Tracey on to Eagle Elite Campus gaining the attention of the one boy who she probably should have avoided at all cost.But no way is Nixon and his boys: Tex,Chase,and Phoenix,going to let her just slip in unnoticed. Oh no Nixon has plans for her but while Tracey may seem weak at first since she's been sheltered in a remote farm in Wyoming most of her life,she isn't going to back down from this boy who is hell bent on controlling her ever move. And blindly follow the rules? Not Tracey but she might just gotten herself in over her head bc she doesn't know the world the Elect lives in and if she falls into their world there may be no escape for her.

Soon to Come:

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