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Blog Tour: Written on my Heart by Cole Gibsen

Written on my Heart
Release Date: 07/28/15
Entangled Embrace
New Adult

Summary from Goodreads:
It's been six months since Ashlyn Daniels was kicked out of her home. Six months since she stood up to her abusive stepfather and got a busted rib—and seeing all her things set ablaze in a backyard bonfire—for her trouble.Never going back. She doesn't need trouble...especially if trouble is tattoo artist Lane Garrett, who's six-feet-plus of tattooed hotness and a complete ass.

Lane has spent the last decade fighting to support his family. To protect them. There's no room for romance, even with a fragile (yet amusingly feisty) stunner...even if she somehow manages to invade his world and his heart.

But while some secrets are as visible as ink on the skin, others must remain hidden at all costs...

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Five Questions with Cole Gibsen
1.      What do you like best about being a writer?
The dress code! Seriously, where else can you go to work braless, in yoga pants, with zero makeup?
Because elastic.

2.      Who is your favorite book boyfriend?
Another easy one. Severus Snape. Seriously, how could you not swoon over his heartbroken angst for Lily. Oh, the feels!

3.      Do you listen to music when you write?
No. So weird, I know. But I’m a huge music lover (especially angsty indie-stuff) and playing music in the background seriously distracts me. But I can’t have silence either, because I’m a weirdo. Instead, I go to which plays sounds like you’re in a real cafĂ©. It’s the perfect blend of mindless background noise to inspire my creative process.

4.      What’s your favorite book?
Seriously hardest question on the planet. I love too many books to list. However, the book that made me want to become a writer was my favorite childhood book—The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. I had the amazing honor of meeting him two years ago. In my head I’d planned on telling him what an inspiration he was, and how much he influenced me. What happened was I got up to his table, bawled like a baby, and didn’t get a single world out. That’s called winning, my friends.

5.      Describe your writing cave.
I’d rather not. It’s an embarrassing disaster and I want you all to like me and think I’m awesome. So pretend I write with a fountain pen at an antique desk in front of a fireplace. And while you’re at it, picture me in a cardigan with those little suede patches on the elbows. And I have an English accent.

Five Rapid Fire Questions!
1.      Coffee or Tea? Coffee with extra Dolce De Leche Creamer because yum.
2.      Beach or Ski Slopes? How about the woods? I love a nice hike provided I’m doused in bug spray because ticks give me panic attacks.
3.      Sweet or Savory? Ohmygosh the hotter the better. This Midwest girl likes her buffalo wings hot enough to peel pant.
4.      Paperback or eBook? Seriously, I am the clumsiest person alive. I love to stash books inside my purse so I have them on the go. With as much as I bang my purse around, if I did that with an eReader I would be a sad panda with a cracked screen.
5.      Peanut M&M’s or plain? Nope. This chocolate snob eats Lindt, Ghiradelli, Godiva, or nothing!

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About the Author
Cole Gibsen first realized she different when, in high school, she was still reading comic books while the other girls were reading fashion magazines.

It was her love of superheroes that first inspired her to pick up a pen. Her favorite things to write about are ordinary girls who find themselves in extraordinary situations.

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