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Field of Innocence Blog Tour & Giveaway with Lainy Lane

Title: Field of Innocence
Author: Lainy Lane
Genre: Fantasy – Paranormal Romance – Faerie Tales
Publisher: CHBB
Cover Designer: Aurelia Fray - Pretty AF Designs
Not all Faerie tales start with once upon a time or end with happily ever after.
Calandra thought she lived a normal life. She constantly fought with her dad, had a boyfriend who she knew was "it" for her, school was coming to an end, and her father would be out of town for the summer. Then a stranger comes to her in a dream, and life takes an unexpected turn. Calandra is thrown into a whirlwind, where she unearths the heritage her father has been hiding from her. She discovers a whole new world and finds that destiny doesn't always hand you the life you dreamed of.
As she watches the pieces of her life fall, shatter, and settle, she must decide whether to piece them back together, or start over and attempt building a new one. Somewhere in-between those options, she might find who she is meant to be. The person strong enough to take her destiny face on, no matter how impossible it seems.
Tagline - Sometimes Destiny is far too dark to give us a normal Faerie tale.
Lainy Lane is a girl that loves to keep her head in the clouds and attempts to still keep her feet on the ground. She has a severe addiction to coffee, tea, and Harry Potter and is completely awe-stricken with dragonflies. She spends her days chasing around her two crazy kids and getting in as much reading and writing as she can fit into the hectic mom life!
Lainy writes Fantasy and loves main characters that don't accept their "given" destiny and instead decide to make their own way!
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Field of Innocence:
“Calandra,” he said, his voice was deep and intimidating.
“Where is Tristan?” she asked, she was far too worried to care exactly how he knew her name.
“That’s your first question, my dear?” he asked nonchalantly.
“Yes,” she replied simply.
He closed the gap between them faster than he should have been able to. His eyes didn’t leave hers as he walked, he didn’t even slightly falter in any way.
“Shouldn’t your first question be about this?” He placed his hand on her left shoulder, slowly running his hand across her skin. His touch sent chills through her, though they were quite different than those Jarreth’s touch had.
Calandra gasped once his hand was gone, and she saw the dragonfly. It wasn’t a real dragonfly perched on her shoulder like she had been growing somewhat accustomed to of late. This was a mark, some sort of a tattoo that had never been there before. It was stunning. It sat at an angle, its head facing toward her. Its wings were a breathtaking mixture of pinks and purples. On the left wing was a swirl of a beautiful baby blue through the center, and on the right wing, a matching swirl of lavender. Its eyes were a breathtaking shade of turquoise. It appeared to be three dimensional as if there was actually a dragonfly perched on her shoulder looking at her, watching over her, much like the few dragonflies had done for her in her last few visits to the woods.
“What is it?” she asked, unable to peel her eyes from it.
Not only did it look like a tattoo that had been there forever, but it seemed as if it belonged on her shoulder. How had she randomly received a tattoo without knowing it? Without pain? Without healing? Was it somehow the effects of the trip there? The questions clouded her mind making it hard to focus on the task at hand.
“That, I am not willing to answer for you,” he replied. His smile looked quite wicked, yet he seemed to be averting his eyes from her. “However, I am sure once Jarreth arrives he will fill you in on a few things, though not as many as he should I’m sure.”
“Jarreth? Where am I? And who are you?” Calandra’s head spun from all the questions surging through her.
“You, dear, are in Faerie of course. That’s what happens when someone of your— stature— steps into the ring. And I, you will do well to remember, am Drake.”
The memory of stepping into the ring flashed through her mind and reminded her of what she was there for. Tristan was there somewhere, he had to be. She had accidentally sent him through to Faerie after he’d stepped into the ring.
“Where is Tristan?” she asked again. “And why did he come here?” She knew it hadn’t been of his own will. Something had been controlling him, something had forced him to come here. He couldn’t have even possibly known where the ring was on his own to be able to come to it. He had looked so frightened for the split second between him stepping into the ring and being taken to Faerie, the split second when he had fully been there.
“He came here because I asked him to, and he is safe for now, that much you have my word on.” Drake’s eyes remained on her shoulder as he spoke.
Calandra had to wonder if that response was supposed to have been comforting somehow. “Why would you ask him to and why would he listen?” The fear was evident in her voice though she tried to keep it at bay, but everything was just a bit too much for her to be able to control it.
“Drake.” Jarreth’s voice came from somewhere behind her.
Calandra turned around and saw that Jarreth looked identical to the way he had in the dream that started everything. Suddenly her fear and all of the emotions that had been welling up inside her disappeared.
“Jareth,” Drake said with a laugh undertone. “I have just finished explaining to the girl that you would explain some things to her. She does seem a bit confused.” He was still staring at her shoulder.
Jarreth’s hand touched her shoulder where the new mark was and sent the oddest sensation through her body. It was nothing like when Drake touched her before, or like anything that she had ever felt before from anyone. His fingers had traced along the body of the dragonfly before he traced down her arm and he dropped his arm back to his side. His face was twisted into a mix of emotion, his eyes were somewhat sad, but there was also a trace of a smile.
“I told you,” Drake said as he finally took his gaze from Calandra’s shoulder and looked up at Jarreth.
Jarreth just nodded. “I’ll take it from here, Drake. You’ve done enough damage I’m sure,” he said coldly.
Drake nodded back. “As will you,” he said before he turned on his heels and walked away from them.

The writing flows effortlessly. I think this is the story that made me fall in love with fairies! It's captivating,intriguing,mysterious,and adventurous. There are varieties of emotions that you go through as you read this compelling story of innocence,love,loss,betrayal,and secrets. As the plot thickens the twists and turns keep you glued to every page,hanging on every word! 

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