Thursday, May 2, 2019

Review of Roses in the Dragon's Den

Roses in the Dragon’s Den

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Twelve year old siblings Karina and Charlie Rosas aren’t looking forward to vacationing with their estranged uncle. But when the Fernweh Express derails and tosses them into a wild, unrecognizable land, they trust he’ll know what to do. After all, Diego Rosas wrote the book on survival in deserts and arctic tundras. There’s nothing he can’t handle . . . until a colossal, fire-breathing dragon snatches him up and carries him away, leaving the twins to embark on an impossible rescue mission.
With the natural elements working against them, the Rosas family adventures through the curse-infested, uncharted world in order to solve the mystery of what doomed their travels. When they meet up with a dwarf and a pirate queen who offer aid, Karina and Charlie must decide whether they can trust anyone willing to voyage into a dragon’s den. But if the siblings ever want to return home, they must trust and lean on each other, and above all, hope Uncle Diego is still alive.
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This story instantly grabs me with the opening chapter of a background adventure of two kids with their Uncle "Tio" that ends with him assuring Rina that a what she sees in the background is only a train and not a dragon but he makes a promise if it was to he'd keep them safe then they sneak into the kitchen for midnight snack of oreos and milk. After being away for seven years Uncle Tio is back to make lost time with Rina and Charlie. Little do they know the found memory of that backyard campout and their current trip collides for an epic adventure filled with wonder, dangers untold and a journey of survival!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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