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RELEASE PROMOTION: Princess of Nothing


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Run. Hide. Pray for escape.

Racing down the winding streets of Imperia, my only hope of reclaiming my throne is to escape. Unfortunately, that means returning to the one place I truly fear—Berovia.

My fears—it seems—were justified. In the dark underbelly of Berovia, I am captured by King Xenos’s men and thrown into the pits with traitors and criminals to pray for salvation I knew wouldn’t come. My only hope to make it out alive is by agreeing to marry the king’s arrogant son. But this union comes at a terrible price. If I agree to be his bride, my people may be stripped of their magic and forced into submission under Kiros’s reign. If I die, I leave my corruptible cousin, Edgar, to ruin my family’s rule.

Can I find a way to save my people and myself? Or, will I die as the princess of nothing?


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An intriguing adventurous continuation of a Princess trying to save her people and her Kingdom. The story picks up where book one left off as Winter flees her home in search of way to save her Kingdom from the rule of her cousin who threatens to destroy their way of life and ancestral beliefs. We see Winter's character development more in this story as she's met with tramatic challenges that affect her emotionally while she still must weave the intricacies of politics. The world building of this series is phenomenal and creative. Though we have a few places where we can let our own emotions rest as we go along for the journey, there is much well paced action. I can't wait for the next book to see where this story takes us! 


“What makes you think you’re ready to rule a kingdom, to have people’s lives in your hands every day, if you don’t even have integrity or any self-worth to stand up to your father? What about loyalty to the people who have been friends to you? Is that how you repay them? Because if so, then I may rethink my position on helping you.” 

I sat on my hands, attempting to stop them from shaking. I didn’t look at him. I couldn’t. “I know what I did, and I will forever be haunted by it. I make no excuses. I didn’t want them to die.” I cried. “It changed me, made me see things differently. I want to do right this time. I know I can be a good ruler because I love my kingdom. Growing up, I would go to the local towns with my mother, and the people were so hardworking. They made the most beautiful things and always stood by their faith. They were strong in the face of adversity. I respected them, and even though I was taught to fear some of the lower classes, I see I was misled. I can’t abandon them. Our faith and land are everything to us. I will not have Edgar, or anyone, take it away from them.” Tears ran down my cheeks. “I’m the only one who can stop it. I know I can bring the dark fae and lunas together too. It didn’t work before, but in time, Blaise will come around. I believe in uniting the kingdom for the first time in history.” 

He remained silent. My breaths quickened. 

I placed my hand over my heart. “Have you ever done something you regret, something you couldn’t take back? I trust in redemption. Always have, always will.”

His expression changed. The corners of his eyes softened, and his tight lips relaxed. He regarded me with a compassion I definitely didn’t deserve, but it was calming to see him look at me with anything other than the disgust he’d had a couple of minutes ago. 

“I’ve made mistakes too.” He didn’t look at me. “Ones I can’t take back, but before I help you, we must face the elves.”

I looked down. “I know.”

“We need to go to the Forest of Tranquillium. We will leave in the morning.” He gave me a look. “It’s the right thing to do.”

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Rebecca lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband and son. Born and raised in England, you can find her drinking tea, writing new worlds, and designing covers.

Rebecca devoured every book she was given from the age of five and fell in love with magical worlds. When she got older, her imagination grew with her and she delved into writing strong characters and vast worlds.

When she's not writing or spending time with her family, you can find her traveling, and hosting book signings with Spellbinding Events.

The Fate of Crowns, book one, releases January 5th, 2021 with the following four books releasing between January and June.


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