Monday, October 3, 2022

Frenzy Post: REALM OF LORE AND LIES by Claire Wright



 Title: Realm of Lore and Lies                              

Author: Claire Wright

 Publisher: Leannan Press

 Release Date: October 3, 2022

Genre: Adult Fantasy

 Format: Hardcover | Paperback | Ebook Purchase Links: 



Nothing is ever as it seems, especially when  Fair Ones are involved.In a land that harbours two realms, magical creatures and dangerous games are a way of life and death for the travelling Fianna clans. It is an honour to visit Tír na nÓg, even if the price is pretending Fair Ones don’t hunt humans for sport. Ireland native Aisling never imagined she’d be alone, living a double life. But when your family shares the ability to see through fae glamour, keeping secrets isn’t something you do for fun. You do it to stay alive. A murder leaves Aisling motherless, thrusting her into the position of matriarch in a

world she thought she’d never return to. Teaming up with unlikely allies for a competition steeped in peril, she can’t resist the distraction warrior Setanta offers. Brooding, gorgeous, and impossibly strong, he gave her a chance to be something she never could before—herself. Bonded by troubled pasts and deadly circumstances, the team of misfits must face damaging truths as they try to stop their worlds from colliding.


Author Bio: 

Claire Wright is the author of the Fair Ones series. She currently lives in Ireland with her husband, three children and one neurotic dog. Claire pulls her inspiration from the rolling mountains to her left, the crashing waves of the sea to her right, and a small town steeped in Irish lore. The second book in the Fair Ones trilogy will be coming soon.




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