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WELCOME TO FAE CAFÉ is like Holly Black’s tricky FOLK OF THE AIR schemes meeting your grandmother’s freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. With a sweet, comical romance and relatable slice-of-life moments colliding with manipulative fairy games and deathmatches, this book puts a spin on the typical fae stories readers know and love and aims to be the coziest rom-com fae book of all time.


Welcome to Fae Cafe (High Court of the Coffee Bean Book 1)

Publication Date: October 2023

Genre: Cozy Romcom/ Fae Fantasy Elements

There are ten golden rules if you want to survive an encounter with a fae:

  1. Don’t ask their name.
  2. If they ask you what your name is, lie.
  3. Avoid looking directly into their eyes.
  4. Don’t invite them to your book club.
  5. Don’t instigate a snowball fight.
  6. Never let them burn their mouth on coffee.
  7. Don’t ask them where they’re from.
  8. Don’t tell them where you live.
  9. Never mention their queen.
  10. Don’t try to kill them with an ordinary human gun.

If you fail to do any of these things, enslave them immediately.

On a cozy fall morning, Kate Kole is nestled in a coffee shop in the city of Toronto reading her favourite novel when she accidentally kills a guy who's being rude to the coffee shop's cashier. Unfortunately for Kate, the person she killed was a fae assassin of the North Corner of Ever, visiting the human realm in secret.

From there, four deadly fae assassins come to the human realm to hunt her down for breaking a fairy law and killing one of their own. Leading them is Prince Cressica Alabastian, the most feared and deadly fae assassin of the North and heir to the North Corner of Ever.

After the assassins arrive in the human realm, things go terribly wrong. To Prince Cressica's horror, his assassins unwittingly get roped into running a cozy café on Kate Kole's behalf. To blend in, the fae assassins are forced to learn how to do basic human activities like cleaning up after themselves, driving without road rage, reading popular fantasy books at book club without getting into alpha male fights over what they’re reading, and in general, be nice, all to blend into regular human society.

With a temper like no other, and deadly power that's unmatched, Prince Cressica seeks to get revenge on Kate Kole. But as he aims to strike where it will hurt her the most, the Prince finds himself enchanted by his human target in more ways than one. And when the darkness of the Ever Corners comes knocking at the human realm's door, he needs to make a choice that could cost him everything.

With coziness for days, WELCOME TO FAE CAFÉ is a new spin on some of the most popular fae fantasy tropes, in a setting where fae most definitely don't belong. If you like fantasy and you like rom coms, this may just be your cup of tea. (Or coffee.)



Fae in a human Coffee Shop..what could possibly go wrong? Well apparently alot! An accidental unaliving of a Fae assassin brings more assassins and an angry Prince hell bent on vengeance. However,they didn't expect our witty and sweet Kate. This was a humorous,clean romance, and cozy read that made me want to sit down with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and bakery goodies,covered with a blanket in my cozy chair as I'm sucked into the storyline. The characters are relatable and bring enjoyment to the story with banter that has you laughing out loud!

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