Monday, November 19, 2012


We were asked to reflect in our blessings and share something.I am first and foremost thankful for my family and friends.I have to kids that I am thankful for,even though they sometimes drive me crazy.I am thankful for my close friends who are more like family to me,I am blessed to have them.I am thankful for my online friends and blog followers. And since it is called INDIEgiving I thought I would share how thankful I am for my author friends.I had been thinking about how thankful I was for them before I even joined the blogfest.I have few indie authors that I have become close friends with online.They take the time to talk to me when I need a friend,give me advice,and pray for me.I am honored to have them in my life.I hope one day we will have chance to meet.


  1. I agree. These are great reasons to be thankful. I don't know what I would do without my blogging friends.

  2. I agree! I love the network of support and friendship I've found online just due to writing! Hope you had a great holiday week!