Saturday, November 17, 2012

*Review of FLUTTER by Melissa Andrea

      Author Melissa Andrea weaves a supernatural tale with love,adventure,and suspense. She brings a fresh new idea to the table will intertwining some of the supernatural creatures we are already know.
      Sara just wants to be a normal teenager with normal life but after waking up in a ice cocoon  in the middle of a frozen lake her life became anything but normal. She wanted to what happened and how they got there but her uncle could not give her the answers she want although,she was sure he had the answers.This strains there relationship and she decides if he isn't going to give her answers then he didn't need to know the strange this that were beginning to happen to her.
     After the terrifying experience and the task of trying to get back to her normal life,Sara find herself drawn to a boy she doesn't even know. When Sara meets Adan, sparks fly, literally.After a bizarre afternoon with Adan Sara can seem to get him out of her head. But the problem is Sara has a boyfriend,she can't peruse this infatuation with Adan.On the other hand,Adan knows the rules and which one of them is to stay away from Sara.But neither one can help themselves,they keep finding themselves together.As they try to fight their feelings of the need to be together while trying to not hurt the people around them,things just become more chaotic and Sara's unanswered questions keep piling up.
     Sara starts to have nightmare of being attack by a black fog with hands.In one of theses "dreams" the hand leaves a print on her ankle.She tries to ignore it hoping it will go away but it doesn't. But she is after to tell anyone without sounding like a freak.If that isn't bad enough,she is constantly waking up feeling worse than the day before.Her energy seems zapped from  her.
     Sarah decides to tell Andres and Adan what is happening to her a little too late.They have come for her and both guys must fight to keep her safe.But can they?And can Sara find the strength in her to fight back? When Andres finally gives tge answers she has been seeking,will it send her over the edge?

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