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Bound (The Guardians #1)
by M.J. Stevens
Publication date: January 21st 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult

‘No good deed ever goes unpunished, Mellea…’

Mellea Wendorn hasn’t exactly had a normal life. Misfortune seems to follow her, and her family, wherever she goes.
However, when Mellea stops to assist a mysterious young man suddenly her prior hardships seem trivial.

His name is Leo. He is a Successor, a child of the Guardians of Selestia.

He is royalty.
He is handsome.
And he wants Mellea completely to himself.

Unable to escape the Guardian’s laws, Mellea must learn the ways of the royals. She is convinced her life can’t get much worse. But when a timeworn Guardian enemy arises from the shadows, Mellea must make a choice that will change her destiny forever.


 I wasn't sure what to expect from his story. It starts off kinda slow as the story is set up through the eyes of Mellea. He life seems simple, mundane, and with parent who have a mysterious past that they will refuse to discuss with her,hence her ignorance of who and what the Guardians really are and really do besides that they are the ruling royal family who live in the The Tower in Poridos City. Her father harbors what seems to be unreasonable anger towards the Guardians.Though Mellea is curious about them and their lives all she really wants to do is be able to save enough money to attend college and maybe some day live above the financial status she has grown up in,maybe not rich like those in Poridos but enough to have all the amenities to keep her living comfortable without struggling to pay bills or keep enough food or heat in her home.
 Mellea's Dad,Noran,told her "No good deed ever goes unpunished" and one wrong choice lands her right into the situation that proves him right,or so it would seem anyway. In strolls Leo,Guardian Successor,unnaturally handsome with a cocky attitude that does nothing to attract Mellea's attention. It's a wonder she even sticks around long enough to be a "Good Samaritan" to him,however he is caught of guard by her kindness to stop and help him and the fact that she is so unlike any other girl that he encounters because she doesn't fall at his feet all googly eyed and smitten by his high position.
 The story picks up pace here and this is where I was reeled in and captured by the adventure that soon takes her on a journey she never dreamed of ever happening,especially to her. Surrounded by unfamiliar ways of life and rules she must follow,Mellea,though scared and uncertain of her future,meets almost ever challenge she encounters with courage and a strong will of self preservation.Lessons are learned,compromises are made,friendships forged,and unexpected betrayals, loved ones lost and an ending that will leave you shocked and wanting answers to questions you never saw coming.My mind is still reeling with desperation for book 2 and pleading to know how this sudden twist of events will affect Mellea and the Guardians.

M.J. Stevens is a true storyteller.

For a long time, words were never her best friend. However she has always had a creative spirit and writing became the lead way that she could share her ideas with the world. Today, it is her number one passion in life.

“I wish I could say that I was one of those kids that read insane amounts of books and that’s why I was inspired to write, like a lot of authors. But I actually found the joy on people’s faces [when they talk about stories they love] more inspiring and wanted to create something of my own that will give young readers that same excited expression.”


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