Friday, October 26, 2018

Review: Salt for Air by M.C. Frank

Greek mythology meets The Little Mermaid in this delicious fantasy novel about a quiet, nerdy girl who meets a mer prince in her bathroom. Perfect for fans of The Heroes of Olympus and the Lux series.

Seventeen-year-old Ellie dreams of mermen. She writes fanfiction about them and spends time in underwater kingdoms in her imagination, trying to escape the sad reality: she is an orphan. And not only that, but she’s bullied every day at school -she’s a nerd, she hates sports, she loves books and she used to be overweight. What’s not to bully?

One day, the bullies go too far. They try to drown her, but at the last minute an otherworldly creature shows up in the water. He keeps her breathing and tells her to live: "How will you be able to save anyone if you can't even save yourself?"

She thinks it was a dream, but the emerald-eyed merman boy who rescued her appears in her school the next day. Is he really the exiled prince of an ancient kingdom that's on the brink of utter destruction? And is he asking her to save him? Or is something far more sinister and deadly lurking in the water that surrounds her little Greek town?

When myth and reality collide, can love save their lives

If you Mermaids, mer-people, Greek Mythology, and of course a heroine whose a little nerdy and an introvert(like many of us bookish people and authors) you'll love this story!
Ellie had me laughing from my beginning with her inner monologue of "yeap no way this is happening, I'm totally crazy". I swear her inner monologues sounds like something like mine!
She also has to contend with real life issues that many teens deal with, mostly unknown to those around them,on a daily basis. I could totally relate to the bullying aspect and creating your own world so you can escape real life problems, it's a self defense mechanism that I do myself,although at her age I hadn't learned to create my own world as I do now, my mind would often wonder to worst case scenarios(I had sick parents and always worried about losing them) until I started drawing then I found reading and learned to fantasize my own worlds and characters because real ones just didn't live up to the happily ever after like in books. But enough about me.
Ellie's real life world collides with fantasy blurring the lines of reality. Now she must deal with regular life problems along with school and home life while she's also faced with the destruction of a fantasy world. If a mere man who resembles someone you created in fanfiction suddenly appears at your school...and in your bathroom insisting he needs your help to save his world and possibly his throne,would you believe him or think you've gone mad? Would you run screaming or say okay? Ellie will surprise you as so does the author with her twists and turns. Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster filled with plenty of real life issues and a unique fantasy world filled with creatures of all kinds! Dive into Greek life and Greek Mythology and see it from a whole new perspective. You won't be disappointed,I know I wasn't and now MC Frank has now joined the list of one of my favorites!


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