Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Scroll by Miriam Feinberg Vamosh

The Scroll by 

The Scroll is a multi-generational historical novel about the survivors of Masada that draws from a real archaeological find – the divorce document of a real-life woman named Miriam. The document was issued at Masada in 71 C.E., and discovered in the lower chamber of a Bedouin cave in Wadi Murabba‘at in the Judean Desert in 1951. The story begins on Masada’s final, horrific day. It characters must choose between nation and family, and finally, between life and death. Will they learn the lesson of Masada’s downfall, or will enemies --- within and without --- rob it from them? Though it deals with events that took place two millennia ago, The Scroll helps us make sense of the complexities of today’s Israel and the choices its leaders make.

I won't pretend to be very knowledgeable about this time in history or exactly what exactly conspired in this time period between the Romans and the Jews. All I know is that it was a time of persecution and an Empire trying for hold on to the power it had over the people. I'm very interested in archaeological finds in this area of the world and how it sheds light on the past. So this story was educational and intriguing. One Scroll affects several generations and inspires hope and tells of loss. How can one divorce scroll held by one woman change many lives? You'll have to read to find out! You won't be disappointed! I'm interested in reading more from this talented author!

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