Monday, July 16, 2012

Review of Any Love But Mine by Debbie Davies

Any Love but Mine is a must read book! The author does a great job at keeping the main character, Acacia, as well as the reader guessing what is really happening behind the scenes of her life. What are her “sisters” keeping from her? Since she “came into existence” Acacia has been kept in the dark about what happened before she was created and how does it affect her. She is guided by Allana, who is the oldest of the three “sisters”.Allana acts as her trainer and a mother figure. She trains Acacia to help mortals fall in love. Her other “sister”,Amora, just seems angry at Acacia and does what she can to make her life miserable. As fate would have it, Acacia is the third wife created for Eros, “God of Love”. However, Eros is not satisfied with any of them, all he wants is his true love, who he can’t have because she is a mortal and is already married. Eros has begged Zeus and Hades to cut her husband’s life line so he will die and Eros can finally be with his true love. Since they have refused Eros has done many things to make others just as miserable as he is. One of those things is sending the three women, who he rejected, to the mortal world to make people fall in love. One catch, they are still his property and are forbidden to love or be with another man. Acacia knows Eros has given Zeus only a year to find a way to give him what he wants or his going to cause mass destruction on the mortals. She is just existing and doing her job as she acts as a high school student, secret goddess of love and match maker. Minding her own business and looking for people with matching auras that she can bring together, she comes upon a boy with no aura. Struck by this discovery and the feelings that take over her body when she catches his eye, she is determined to find out who he is. Allana and Amora , seem to be of little help in this matter. They keep giving her mixed advice.She knows they are keeping something from her. She decides to go against their advice and pursue this investigation of who and what this boy is and what he is doing in the mortal world. She keeps changing her mind as to what she believes he is every time evidence of what she thought gets washed away by his action or her “sisters’” actions. What she doesn’t bank on, is falling in love with him. This causes mass chaos for all three girls and this boy, Josh. Acacia must decide if falling in love with Josh is worth the consequences. The worst that could happen is that she will be killed. Her decision brings about more chaos and unforeseen events. Now she must do the best she can to accept those consequences and make the best of it or find a loophole in those consequences. Will she succeed? Will she finally get answers to all her questions?
   What I like about this book is that it leans towards a different mythical side of the fantasy genre than many YA books .It breeches the subject of Greek gods and goddesses and adds a new perspective to Greek mythology. It also adds a new take on the roles of other mythical creatures.
The book is suspenseful and keeps you guessing but most of the evidence is presented and could probably put together by the reader before Acacia figures it out. While Acacia is still confused and questioning who Josh is, to the reader it is obvious. This kind of irritated me because the evidence is staring her in the face. But it does leave it open for another book.

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