Wednesday, July 18, 2012

*The Versatile Blogger*

Just,Me,Myself and I was nominated by The Writing World for the Versatile Blogger award! Thanks it feel great to be acknowledged,especially by other bloggers!

This lofty-sounding award is basically a mutual admiration society where bloggers recognize their peers for writing quality blogs that touched them in some way. The VBAs honor the blogger rather than specific posts. It’s a chance for bloggers to pat themselves on the back like the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences does with the Oscars. Until someone starts giving out Blogscars, the VBAs will have to suffice.
What are the criteria, or rather the inclusion in the touch-points of “speech” you’ll want to make upon receiving such an award? Here they are:

 **If you are nominated, then you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award! It’s simple! Take a few moments to FEEL the warmth of the bestowed “congratulations!” Then think of 7 things to tell/share/reveal about yourself.

1~I am in love with Channing Tatum, Ian Somerhalder,and yes a fictional character: Jace from TMI Series.I enjoy having friends who love these guys too and our favorite past time,besides reading is to argue who gets them.Yea,yea I know these guys are way out of my league but a can dream,can't she?
2~I am a single of two bright children.My oldest is a girl who is 15,and let me tell you I can't wait til the high school year are over;girls have too much drama.My youngest is a boy who is 12.They are both very smart but have a hard time in school because of ADHD.
3~I begin my student teaching for Special Ed. certification this August! I am excited an nervous.I have dreamed of being a teacher since I was a little girl and now I am close to reaching that dream.I pray God bring me through this last challenge with confidently and professionalism.
4~I have an illness called Fibromyalgia.I was diagnosed 10 years ago and it has been a struggle.The last year and half have been the worst.But I pray for healing and am determined to persevere throw this. 
5~I am active in my church and love God.I want to be the person He created me to be.I hope to one day travel to different countries helping women and children,educating others,and bring the the Love and Word of God to people!
6~My obsessions are reading/books(I know kind of obvious),music,shopping,clothes, jewelry,and art.I have a tendency to sometimes be an impulse buyer when it comes to these obsessions.My OCD tendencies is making sure the doors are locked(usually more than once),rinsing any dish or utensil before using them(even at other people's house),I have to cut my tags out my shirts so they win't bither me,and books have to be even and in order on bookshelves(if I go in bookstore and books are out of place,it drives me crazy, occasionally can't help myself and I put them where they are suppose to go.
7~I have an identical twin.I weighed 1lb 12oz at birth because my umbilical cord was damaged.This caused me to be developmentally delayed plus I have a birthmark under my eyelid til I was 3 which cause me to be legally blind in one eye.I hated reading when I was younger because of this.I started to like reading in middle school but fell in love with reading late in high school.I did not do well in school until I went back to school 10years after I graduated.Now I have a 3.o GPA and am in the KDP Education Honor Society!

**Next, thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy. Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — after all, let other peeps know about a great stopping place on the web!

Thanks The Writing World for nominating me.I am honored and appreciate it! :)

**Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.

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  1. Thanks for the award. I have a son with ADHD as well.
    Good luck with the rest of your schooling!