Monday, July 16, 2012

Review of Back to You by Anne Brewer

   It took me a few chapters to get into the book.Once I did I couldn't put it down!It was an enjoyable read.I had a little trouble with the mild language used but after I thought about it,most people do use that kind of language in their everyday life.However,I did think at some points the conversation the daughters and parents had a little too much mild language.This is just my opinion based on my upbringing.I did like the way the mother and Abby connected.I found this story be easy for people to connect with.It has a lot things that many people deal with in this day and age.I found that it mirrored some of the circumstances my teenager daughter and I deal with or have dealt with.It also shows that we can overcome problems and circumstances in our life.Also shows how forgiveness is a big part of moving on in life and how it can lead to happiness.I really think the author has a great talent in writing stories and am looking forward to her next book.
   In Back to You,Abby is torn between her feelings for her boyfriend,Brady,and her best friend,Lucas.She has been with Brady for a while but he doesn't always support her dreams.Abby isn't sure if she can see a future with Brady.However,Lucas has always supported her dreams and even helped her through the rough time she had after her dad abandoned her mother,her sister,and her.Abby's sister,Sarah has her own problems to deal with.She is just coming into the teen life and is headed in the wrong direction.She keeps getting in trouble,which makes everyone miserable at home,and nothing her mom does seems to help.Sarah decides she has a solution to her problems.But her solution will throw a wrench in everyone's' already chaotic life.Abby wants to turn to the one person who has always helped her through hard times,Lucas.But can Abby and Lucas let go their past problems and move on or will it destroy them both?

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