Friday, September 4, 2015

#FF Feature & Follow

Feature and Follow is hosted by Parajunkee & Alison Can Read where every Friday they feature a blogger and a question. It's purpose is to gain followers and make friends.

This week's featured blogger: Newbie Librarians 

This week's question: Name a movie you would have loved to read as a book (That is not a book already obviously) – Suggested by Go Book Yourself 

Me:Hhmm, I usually love books turning into movies never really thought about it the other way around. Ok so I'm a sucker for fairy-tales,especially renditions of fairy-tales.Plus I love Chad Micheal Murray!

                                 A CINDERELLA STORY


Austin: How could I have seen you before and not know who you are now?
Sam: Maybe you were looking but not really seeing.

Now it's your turn.What would you chose?


  1. That was a nice movie! Although I also like the one with Selena Gomez too!
    Followed on Google+, GFC! :)

  2. There are a lot of Cinderella Retellings, fantasy, contemporary and even dystopian retellings, Cinderella just never gets old.. <3 Great choice.. :)

    Old GFC Follower <3
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. <3
    Donita @ My Random Book Thoughts

  3. Such a cute movie! I love fairy tale retellings :) Old blog lovin follower!

  4. Great choice this was a really cute movie and it would of most definitely would of make a cute and adorable book. New follower on GFC, Google+ and Bloglovin. Here is my #FF

  5. I've never seen that one, but it looks cute. I'll have to rent it sometime. You can't go wrong with Cinderella though! Thanks for visiting my blog! Following on Bloglovin. :)