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The House on Sunset By Lindsay Fischer Blog Tour

The House on Sunset
By-  Lindsay Fischer
Genre- Memoir/Women’s Fiction

Lindsay Fischer was once a high school English teacher with dreams stretching far outside the classroom. When her boyfriend of a year-and-a-half cheated on her, Lindsay found herself alone, looking online for a replacement. His name was Mike.

That’s where the nightmare started.

The House on Sunset is a memoir, a collection of reminiscences, scattering the ashes of two broken homes and putting them to rest. Each chapter offers a different glimpse inside the cycle of intimate partner violence, where honeymoon phases and traumas coexist.  

Everyone could fall victim to abusers. This book bravely displays the reasons a quirky, twenty-something teacher would, and did.


I don't usually read and review memoir books but when I read the subject of this book I was all in because I could totally relate to the story. I felt a bind with the author after reading the open acknowledgements,as I too am a survivor.It's funny how while I read it and listened to Pandora the song that makes me remember my experience with domestic violence came on "Because of You". Through out the book I kept tears at bay and pushed back memories that threaten to break through the walls I erected around them but tears flowed freely when this song came on. Everyone's story is different but many of us have similarities woven in each of our stories. I laughed dryly when I encountered an aspect of the story that mimicked my own. I hope this story opens your eyes to how real domestic violence is and how anyone came fall victim unexpectedly. And before you judge those who stay longer than they should or claim to still love their abusers,walk in our shoes,not literally but by reading our stories. You could be sitting next to a victim at work,in church, on the subway,or at your kids' school functions. I pray every night for God to rescue these women and children from the prison of abuse they live in and restore them to the glorious princesses and queens He meant for the to be. And due to tears still spilling from my eyes I'm have to end this review but I leave you with this: If you are a victim still trapped there is help and you aren't alone,if you are a survive know that you are brave and strong and don't let anyone else tell you different because it takes courage to overcome what you have been through. 
I wrote this for acknowledgements of a NA paranormal romance book that has hint of abuse in it I'll soon be publishing and thought it'd be  appropriate to share here:
Countless women fall in love with men who are abusive and manipulating. Sometimes it’s subtle and we don’t recognize the signs, sometimes it’s like a switch was flipped, they were your Prince Charming then BAM they are your Satan; a devil in disguise. For me I thought it was a flipped switch a few months after we were married like he could be who he really was and stop pretending bc now he wasn’t chasing me he had caught me and won the game, so why pretend to be the Mr. Nice he obviously wasn’t? However I now realize there were signs early on that I just chose to ignore and suppress their memories.
We watch tv and movies, read books on romance and fantasy, and even created fantasies in our own imagination (our safe place where we can control the outcome of any situation good or bad, a place we can confront our fears and monsters and still come out unscathed).
But in real life many aren’t so lucky. Some escape sooner or later, some stay locked in the nightmare til death, and some even lose their livers from it either by their abuser’s hand or their own because the pain was too much to bear any longer. However, all have this in common: emotional scars. Even if we defeat our demons, escape our abuser we may heal physically and maybe even eventually emotionally but the memories are forever embedded in us leaving a scar behind after the healing is done.
Those are battle scars. Scars not to be hidden but to be put on display by telling our story of horror and healing because in doing so we show others there is hope and healing from such atrocities. 

About  the Author-
Lindsay Fischer graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in secondary education, English. An avid reader and learner, Lindsay took her passion for words into a classroom before starting a writing career. Life pulled her from the classroom, providing an opportunity to use her voice against domestic violence, blogging under the pseudonym, Sarafina Bianco, since 2009. You can find her words at and speak directly to her when she hosts #domesticviolencechat on Twitter. Lindsay hopes to be an advocate for women, men and children who still live inside the nightmare of their abuse. She currently lives with her husband and three dogs, including Watson, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Twitter: @LinsFischer
Instagram: @lindsaycapo

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