Monday, January 23, 2017

Fantastic Fantasy Fair~Shelli Humphrey




Author Bio

I am a mother who decided it was time to start living her dreams! So i wrote a book! I write fiction, in paranormal worlds with romance and mystery. Who doesnt love a mysterious romance? I also write poetry and fanfictions as well as work as a business and health coach!


Devine Royalty

The Descendants Book 1

After 3 years in another world, Annastasia finally makes it home. But what she expected to be a joyous homecoming, quickly turns tragic when someone follows her from the other world. One mistake leads to many tragedies but also many triumphs.


Royal Legacy

The Descendants Book 2

(Releases January 30th)
When something happens that the royal family thought impossible, Annastasia, Catalina, and Rhiannon along with Michael and Damyen at their sides, must figure out how best to protect not only their kingdom but their family from an ancient evil determined to destroy them all to gain revenge on the goddesses. With the knowledge that they are not powerful enough to defeat this evil, only their infant and unborn daughters have the power, they set out to find the best way to hold him at bay...for 15 years! But will they be able to? A new species of magical creature appears and starts wreaking havoc on the kingdom. Is this another thing sent from the ancient evil to destroy them or could it be an ally to help them fight against it? Also who is this mysterious woman who appears just in time to help train the girls in the ways of the ancient divine magic that is their legacy?

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