Friday, January 20, 2017

Fantastic Fantasy Fair~Tracy Millosovich


About the Author

Tracy Millosovich lives and writes in Wisconsin with the love of her life, three cats, and a pile of signed books by her favorite authors. With her witty words, gentle hands, and wisdom, she weaves together a world of colorful hope bringing love into the darkest places. An advocate against domestic violence and online abuse, Tracy paves the way for everyone to live their lives free of violence.

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Where you can add Tracy’s novels to your “To Be Read” pile on Goodreads! Amazon Tracy’s Treasures Blog Tracy’s Crystal Dreamers Book Group of never ending wine and fun!! Nominated for the 2016 Summer Indie Book Awards and a finalist in the Best of the Best of 2016 in Debut Books and in Fantasy! Crystal Dreams Book 1 Add Crystal Dreams to your TBR today! Check out the brand new Crystal Dreams book trailer!! Watch the fanmade Crystal Dreams commercial!
BLURB: Crystal Dreams, a vivid world of dreams come true!!
King (Mita) Thomas of the magical planet Tartan has ruled the world, and his kingdom, Crysalis, with his beloved Queen (Mifa) Tara Rosa for four peaceful centuries. When the cruel, greedy humans of the nearby Earth planet come ascending on Tartan, his Queen sacrifices her life to protect the planet. With the Queen's powers gone and their planet on a collision course towards a bloody war with Earth, Mita Thomas sends his trusted general through time to bring Mifa's reincarnation back to his kingdom where she can hopefully rule at his side as his queen...or be sacrificed to bring his beloved queen back from the dead. With little time and an incoming hell, no one has time to pick sides. Crystal Rose, a human raised on Earth in the early 21st century, is currently finishing up college until she's unwillingly thrust into a war between a planet full of magical creatures who hate the human race, and the human race, now full of hellish hate. Between learning what's truly going on and who to trust, Crystal must also take the reigns to be a queen in a world that hates her. Will Crystal side with her fellow humans or fight against her own kind, on the team that might just kill her before she gets the Queen's crown? In a planetary war between humans and magic, whose side are you on? In this original young adult fantasy romance, Crystal Dreams is book one of the action packed Dreams Series that will test your faith in humanity. received_1342711255773977
 Killer Dreams Book 2 Add Killer Dreams to your TBR today! Watch the fanmade Killer Dreams commercial!
After surviving a war between Earth and Tartan, the royal family tries to start over on a new planet. But the terrain is treacherous and the kingdom is in unrest with the threat of revolt high in the air, but adding to the misery, the royal princess of the new world has been kidnapped!
In a time of civil discord with the threat of upheaval high, Crystal must either find a way to unite her kingdom, or abdicate the throne, while she is in hot pursuit of the lost princess. Where do you turn when your own race rejects you, and the world you've sworn to protect is now trying to kill you? Continue the adventure with Crystal, King Thomas, and Jason as they begin a new battle in an unfamiliar world. Welcome to Killer Dreams! [gallery ids="1362,1359,1358,1357,1360" type="slideshow"]

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