Friday, June 29, 2012

Believe (New England Immortals #1) by E. Leighanne Grimm-Weever

 I really enjoyed this book.The author throws unexpected things into the plot at just the point you think there is nothing new that can be thrown in.The only problem with the book,which really isn't a problem,just me wanting more,is that it leaves you with a cliffhanger,which most good books do.I waited for half the book for that cliffhanger to be revealed and when it was you are left not knowing the main character's response to it.So,I guess I will have to wait for book two.
 The book is about a girl name Andrea,who was raised by her Uncle Greg because her mom died and no one knows who her father is or what happened to him.Uncle Greg is alittle over the top with his vampire tales.Andrea grows up believing her uncle is a little crazy but when she moves to a new town to attend college,things that he uncle told her seem to have some truth or maybe she is just imagining things.She falls in love with a gorgeous,sweet guy.But could he be a vampire? And if the tales about vampires are true could the tales about vampire hunters be true too?How will this affect her and Shane's relationship,especially when Uncle Greg decides to come to Christmas dinner?

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