Friday, June 29, 2012

Guardian (The guardian) [Kindle Edition] Gillian Joy (Author)

First of all I have to say I LOVED Guardian! I read almost half the book the first night. It is action packed with love stories,friendships,fight scenes,and obstacles to over come.The author Gillian Joy,did a good job at defining the characters and making them seem real.I felt like I was Hannah as I read the book.I could feel what she felt and see what she saw.
Hannah is the Guardian of ALL supernatural beings which includes vampires,witches,werewolves,nephilim,mermaids,and fairies.It is her heritage to become the next guardian.Her job is to make sure all supernatural beings do not kill or harm each other or humans without probable cause.She takes her job seriously and will not stand to be disobeyed.Yes,she is strong willed, independent,and determined.At the same time, she is caring, vulnerable,and a trustworthy friend.She befriends a Bernard,a warlock, who is like a father figure to her and an old friend of her mother's,a few vampires(which two she may have feeling for but refuses to let herself let involved with a supernatural being),and a young witch.Together the embark on a journey to set all the supernatural beings straight and once again bring peace and lawfulness just as there was when her grandmother was Guardian.Will this be accomplished?

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