Friday, June 29, 2012

Saving Bobby by Crystal Cattabriga

  In the first chapter is tells you about Bobby's family dynamics,which sadly is made up of his mom,him, and his uncle that is MIA.His daddy ran out on them and other family members have passed away.Bobby's mom is a single mom doing her best to raise a teenage boy with love and discipline.Bobby does his best to be a good boy.He doesn't really have any friend but puts all his time and energy into excelling in school.Reading this first chapter I could relate because I am single mom of a teen girl and a boy who is year younger than Bobby.I found myself reading the first chapter from a single mom's point of view but also from a boy with no father point of view.I was instantly thrown into the story and captivated by this.
  Bad as things may seem,they are about to get worse.Bobby's mother is sick and he thinks he can find a way to help her because he is afraid the doctor that is treating many not find a way to help her in time because her condition is rapidly deteriorating.So off Bobby goes on this journey.He meets a run away teen named Annie that decides to help him on his journey.
Bobby keeps meeting people who say they will pray for his mom.Not growing up in church,this perplexes him. Occasionally Bobby will say a quick prayer to God to heal his mom but he isn't sure he believes in God.He doesn't understand why God would let his mom get sick.But every time he steps into a chapel,church,hears someone talk about God, or say they will pray his mother something pricks at Bobby;s heart.
  Author Crystal Cattabriga has captured me with another heartfelt story, Saving Bobby captured my attention from the beginning.I immediately threw myself into the story.I could not put it down,I so wanted to know if Bobby finds a way to help his mom,if he finds a way to open his heart to God,and who is this Annie girl who knows so much about God yet is a runaway teen?

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