Friday, June 29, 2012

Forever (Guardian) (Kindle Edition) by Gillian Joy

Gillian Joy has done it again with Book 2 of Guardian Series!I could not put it down,I read myself to sleep two nights in a row because I so engulfed in the story and couldn't get enough.She does a great job at keeping you guessing what is going to happen next,and believe me it is never what you think it will be.I so can't wait for Book 3,Revenge to come out!
In Forever, Hannah keeps having nightmares about drowning and during the day the mermaids won't stop begging her to swim with them.They can't tell her why they need her but insist it is urgent.Well Hannah is in no way going swim with them after all the nightmares about drowning.On top of that the faeries are bugging her to intervene in a matter.And everyone keeps insisting she just give into her emotions and let Gabriel in her heart once and for all and stop pushing him away.Her mom is sick and is slowly dying. Plus she is trying to keep her two kids from being discovered by the supernatural beings and vice versa.All this is keeping Hannah sleep deprived.Is her judgement being affected by her lack of sleep? Can she solve all these problems? Will she let her friends help and be able to keep everyone safe? The ending will surprise you!

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