Saturday, February 2, 2013

100 + Book Giveaway Hosted by Krystal and Rachel

That's right! 100+ books up for grabs. Krystal and Rachel have been saving up books for this special occasion. Both of them are giving away 50 books to two winners and every day this month there will be a special guest author giving away signed books. In total everyone receives 70 chances to win! Every day they will be updating this post so you can click on different authors if you missed someone. Here's the author schedule:

2nd: Etquette & Espionage, Gail Carriger  -- 10 copies!
3nd: Unremembered, Jessica Brody
4th: Soldier Dog, Sam Angus
4rd: What I Call Life, Jill Wolfson
5th: The Innocents, Lili Peloquin
6th: Shunning Sarah / Stalking Sarah & Missing Mark, Julie Kramer
7th: False Memory, Dan Krokos
8th: The Murmurings, Carly Anne West
8th: Illuminate, Aimee Agresti
9th: Witch & Wizard: The Kiss!, James Patterson -- 5 copies!
10th: When We Wake, Karen Healey -- 5 copies!
11th: Breaking Point, Kristen Simmons
12th: Summerset Abby, T.J. Brown
13th: Ashfall, Mike Mullin
14th: Chain Reaction, Simone Elkeles -- 2 copies!
15th: Midnight City, Mitchell Barton
16th: Override (Glitch #2), Heather Anastasiu
17th: The Nightmare Affair, Mindee Arnett
17th: Emily's Dress and Other Missing Things, Kathryn Burak
18th: Surrender & ARC of Justice, Rhiannon Paille
19th: Monument 14: Sky On Fire ARC, Emmy Laybourne
20th: Catherine, April Lindner -- 5 copies!
21st: Return to Me, Justina Chen -- 5 copies!
22nd: Altered, Jennifer Rush -- 5 copies!
23rd: After Dark, Emi Gayle
24th: So Close to You, Rachel Carter
25th: Weather Witch, Shannon Delany
25th: Touch of Death, Kelly Hashway
26th: The 13th Sign, Kristin Tubb
26th: Fault Line, Christa Desir
27th: Darker Still, Leanna Hieber
28th: Fractured Light and Fractured Soul, Rachel McClellan

Find a list of more books in the giveaway here

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