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A.L. Burgos Blog Tour: Author Bio & Giveaway

The Book
By: A.L. Burgos

We all have secrets...

Mark, Tiffany, Kevin and Kim are best friends. When they enter High School together they find out that it's not all fun and games as they find out that drama is involved. They must stick together to get through High School but when they start to keep secrets from each other, ones that can tear them apart, their friendships will be tested as the secrets come out. So will their friendships survive or will the secrets be too much and tear them apart? Let the secrets come out...

Genre:Young Adult Teenage Drama
Length :301 pages
Average Rating4.5 of 5 Stars

What People are saying about it

"This book was amazing. I loved it from the beginning to the end. It keeps you wanting more. From the moment you start reading you can't stop. It has lots of drama and real life issues that everyone goes through. It's better than most books I have read. I will recommend this book to everyone who loves drama and loves to read about real life issues. I can't wait for book 2. This author is awesome." –Beba

“I recommend this book for any one who wants to enter the world of high school they left long ago. From 90210 to One Tree Hill, Sec4rets captures all the issues teenagers faces. From the beginning to end I was hypnotized by the suspense & the possibility of the secrets being revealed. I definitely didn't want it to end! Looking forward to Book 2!”

“…the quartet of Burgos'
protagonists make for enjoyable reading. Topics teens deal with every day -
unwanted pregnancy, cutting, alcoholism, self-esteem issues, and peer pressure are all told in a way that seems fresh; a credit to the author's talent for fleshing out his interesting characters.”

“For a first time Writer A.L Burgos knows how to write! I was captivated by the first page after that he had me at hook-line-and-sinker. This book has a little something for everyone. Talking about the angst is getting me antsy even writing this, that's how good the writing is.”



The Author
A.L. Burgos


A. L. Burgos (Anthony Luis Burgos) lives in NYC in the gritty area of Harlem. He never ran the streets of Harlem rather he found the joys of writing. At the age of 10, he began to write and he discovered that it was an escape from the outside world. YA drama and mystery thrillers were his passion; he wrote his first story (not published) titled "Forever Friends" at 11. His dream was to become a famous author one day, so he would be able to move his mother out of Harlem. Anthony has self published his first YA drama "Sec4rets" which is getting rave reviews from readers claiming it’s an edge of your seat ride and amazing, while at the same time tackling real life teen issues. He is working on several new books hoping to be released in 2013.

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Giveaway Info
One PDF copy of Sec4rets. Leave a comment and one winner will be picked by Winner is asked to please request  a review when they get chance.These winners’ names (one from each blog) will then go in to a draw to win one of five copies of Sec4rets 2 on its release in June 2013.

So effectively the winner gets the opportunity to win two ebooks. 

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