Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 NetGalley Reading Challenge

So yes I just added another reading challenge to my list.I need an incentive to get the books read and reviewed becaue I have been lagging.So this is a great way to get'em done! I am choosing BLUE STAR so not to overwhelm myself.Sign up HERE

Are you a member of NetGalley and need some incentive to get all those lovely books you've requested read and reviewed

Then I've got a challenge for you!

I'm a casual kind of gal so my rules are very simple

1. Link Up Your Blog Below
Use the url of wherever you post your NetGalley reviews
*a dedicated post declaring your participation would be lovely to help spread the word but it isn't mandatory*

2. Pick A Level

Blue Star: Read 1-10 NetGalley books in 2013

Green Star: Read 11-20 NetGalley books in 2013

Red Star: Read 21-30 NetGalley books in 2013

Gold Star: Read 30+ NetGalley books in 2013

3. Snag the challenge button

Use it in your declaration post and / or put it in your sidebar
If you design your own, let me know and I'll add it for others to snag!


5. Link up your reviews every month
On the 1st of every month I'll post a linky
Share your reviews with others, visit fellow participants blogs
you'll be entered to win a MONTHLY PRIZE!

Throughout the year there will also be mini challenges, discussion topics, info posts and hopefully some other goodies as well :)

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