Monday, March 18, 2013

40 DAYS WITH THE SAVIOR by Connie E. Sokol

Do you desire a more Christ-centered Easter? You’ll experience a more fulfilling Easter season with these positive and inspiring devotionals on the Savior. For forty days, enjoy a daily scripture and personal insight on a character trait of Jesus Christ, and how it applies to everyday living. Learn more of who He was, what He taught, and how it can bless your life. 

What others are saying about the book:
“Connie Sokol’s new book, “40 Days with the Savior”, is just the little push I needed to feel the Savior’s presence in my daily life. Using personal stories, scriptural accounts, and meaningful insights, she helps readers draws closer to Jesus Christ and become a more Christ-centered person. I loved her daily nuggets of wisdom that prompt a change in behavior.” --Jodi Marie Robinson, Author “Women of Virtue” "Connie Sokol, the queen of simple yet effective, has done it again. What a great resource for quick, daily things that we can do to draw closer to the Savior. This easily fits into our busy lives, reminding us of what matters most." --Peggy Urry President-elect, American Night Writers Association “Connie Sokol has thoughtfully shared fresh insights to well know scriptural phrases. The simple inspirations in 40 Days with the Savior are enlightening and empowering. This is an easy way to draw closer to Jesus Christ throughout the Easter season and during the rest of the year. After reading this book I feel my burdens are lighter.” --Margaret Turley, Author of Save the Child, Administrator Writers Unite to Fight Cancer “I LOVED this book! Connie brings these scriptures home with real, everyday moments. I can savor these bite-size gems throughout my busy day with little ones. The teachings are powerful, and her added insights brought them home for me in a new way." --Amy Chandler, Founder, My Story Matters

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