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~EMBLAZE By Jessica Shirvington Blog Tour~

Sourcebooks Fire
March 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4022-6846-5
Ages 13+

Violet Eden has accepted that she’s part angel, part human—but nothing prepares her to be handed the key to the gates of Hell. Or worse, to be forced to turn the key over to the dark exile who saved and betrayed her: Phoenix.

Violet and her partner, Lincoln, will have to stop Phoenix, but it’s hard enough fighting their soul-crushing need to be together. Violet begins to fear that the pull will soon become unbearable. As a brutal battle looms, Violet finds herself in dire straits as she teeters on the edge of a decision that could unleash a terror of horrifying repercussions.

I have to say this one of my favorite love triangles. As much as would like to hate Phoenix, he keeps doing stuff to make me want to like him. He is so infuriating! I can see why Violet has such a hard time not wanting him. At the same time, Violet and Lincoln’s relationship is frustrating. I so want them to be together and when I actually think they will be, something else happens to make them reign in their feelings and throw up barriers to keep each other out.
EMBLAZE was more emotional than the Embrace or Entice. My heart ached with Violet’s. It drew me in so much that I felt everything she was feeling. Vi and Linc are fighting hard to keep each other out after seeing what happened to Rudy and Nyla. How long can they deny the truth that they are destined to be soul mates? Will this draw a wedge between them that is too big to overcome?
Phoenix has gotten the Grigori Scripture, but the Grigori now hold the Exile Scripture. While the exiles having the Grigori Scripture could be tragic, the Exile Scripture could be more devastating in their hands. Phoenix is now convinced that using the Exile Scripture to bring his mother, Lilith, back is more rewarding than killing off all Grigori who have yet to come of age or awareness of who they really are. Now all defenses are up and both sides are plotting for control of both Scriptures. Steph gets caught in the middle of a strategic plan to gain possession of both Scriptures goesone wrong. Phoenix is all too aware of where to hit Violet the hardest to get what he wants. And keeping Violet’s dad out of the loop is becoming increasingly harder. The battle takes them out of the country again, but this time there is no welcoming Grigori party to help. They must go to no-man’s land to stop the prophecy in the Exile Scripture from coming to past. Violet must make a choice and either way she decides could have devastating consequences. Can they decipher the Exile Scripture in time to stop Phoenix? Will Violet’s choice be their demise?

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Jessica Shirvington is the author of the internationally acclaimed Embrace series.
She and her husband of ten years, FOXTEL presenter and former Olympic
sprinter Matt Shirvington, fell in love when they were 17.

A finalist for Cosmopolitan's Fun, Fearless Female Award, Jessica lives in Sydney,
Australia and is a full-time mom of two adorable girls, author and co-director in the
company MPS Investments Pty Ltd.


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