Friday, March 29, 2013

Review of THE MAN PAINTER by Melissa Turner Lee

  I loved this book just as much as and maybe even more than The Earth Painter.The Man Painter jumps ahead two years and is a continuation of Holly and Theo's story.It is a lovely story full of emotion.
  Holly is still living in Chesnee and working for Anthony's mother.As she heads out to see her parents for Thanksgiving in Asheville,NC something causes her to take a detour to Charleston. What she finds there will change her life forever.
  Theo has been living in Charleston for the past two years.But something is different about him and it may just be the cause of his death.He does his best to keep Holly from discovering the whole truth in fear of losing her or looking weak.But to Holly,Theo will always be the one who she wants and will do anything for.However,that may be their undoing.In a rash decision to save Theo,Holly makes a deal with Fritz.
  Fritz wants to be human so he can rule the world and he thinks Holly has the answer.Holly needs something that only the former water painter can give her.So she seeks out Fritz and makes a deal that she doesn't intend of keeping.But lying and deceiving Fritz is a dangerous move which could destroy all the progress she and Theo have made in their relationship.Holly and Theo must find a way defeat Fritz once and for all.But is it possible to end Fritz? Can Holly and Theo find a way out of this mess and finally live happily?

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