Friday, March 1, 2013


   I got to the table and Maddox had them all in stitches.  As I sat I stole a glance at Reed and she had that twitchy, uncomfortable look again.  I saw Mom come out of the kitchen with a big bowl of pasta and she set it in front of Reed.  Reed apologized to my mom and of course she waved it off. 
          “She’s allergic to lemons and limes so Mom had to make her a special pasta dish since Andre puts lemon in everything.”  Dad whispered to me while pretending to pick his napkin up off of the floor. 
          I nodded my head once in acknowledgement.  I looked over at her and Maddox was feeding her a line of bullcrap, something about his SAT score.  She giggled at whatever he was saying and the claws of jealousy ripped me open, throat to abdomen.  What I wouldn’t give to make her laugh like that.  Shit, what was I thinking?  I didn’t even know her and she didn’t know me.  But the feeling was undeniable.  I couldn’t draw a finite line that separated the lengths I would and would not go to be the one who brought some happiness to her life.

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  1. No I've never been to one but I would Love to go see one..Thanks for this great giveaway..