Friday, March 22, 2013

~Cover Reveal: SUDDEN HOPE by Mira Garland~

  When your nightmares become reality and you can’t wake up, what do you do?

  Celeste is a normal teenage girl. After the loss of her father her life seems to be in constant turmoil. She realizes her worst nightmares are occurring while she's still awake.

  Just as it looks like her life is on the right path; things go terribly wrong and leave her in a spiraling whirlwind of emotion. 

  Trying to find her father’s killer and dealing with an ex that will do anything to get revenge; she feels like she is falling.

  The only thing that is holding her together is her support system; her friends and Danny. 

 Celeste loves Danny more than life itself, although now is just not the time to be with him. He is the answer to her dreams, he is her one true love, and most importantly, her hope. 

 Only life isn't fair and doesn't play by the rules. 

About the Author:
 I was born in Jackson, MI but now live on Long Island in NY. I have four beautiful daughters whom I live and breathe for. I began writing as a hobby, but realized very quickly that it was an outlet to explore my deepest dreams. I love to read and have a problem with honesty when I write reviews, although I do not have a problem if you tell me I'm wrong about it. My debut novel is “Sudden Hope” and will be released in April of 2013. Welcome to my reality and I hope all your dreams come true.

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